#Guestpost at #RomanceUniv blog

Today I’m the guest on the Romance University blog and I’m talking about how careers in romance novels affect characterization.
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A short excerpt

Character building is tough to nail in fiction but especially hard in romantic fiction where you need to focus mainly on one aspect of relationship between the characters. If plot is king in fiction then characters are the whole kingdom. Without the kingdom there is no ruler. InRomancelandia, more emphasis is on character interaction than plot so we can say characters are quite the be all and end all of a romance novel.

Charting out a character is almost as difficult as writing someone’s biography because you need to know quite a lot about your character. It is especially tricky to decide what career we should assign a particular character. As a reader I often find the more convincing a character’s daily life and job routine, the more sucked in I am into the story. Have you felt like that?

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What is your experience of picking out a career for your character? Do you find it easy to nail a career for your protagonist?