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There’s something to be said for spending a lazy summer day immersed in a gripping intense story, with a pitcher of something cool by your side and housework and other demands of daily life put on a standby mode. *sigh* summer was meant to be spent this way, not doing yucky things like work or housework or even keyboard work. Don’t you agree?

Well, talking of books, there are summer giveaways going on and an exciting one is just a scroll down away. Check out the Addictive Summer Reads blog hop. A lot of cool giveaways await you and what’s more, prizes from the Addictive Reads authors total over a $100 in gift cards. An awesome range of discounted and free books from a variety of genres make it an interesting mix.





The Blog hop is from 27th – 30th June, so make sure you don’t miss it.

Here’s the link  Check it out.

In my news, I’ve been working on the final edits of Tahir and Samara’s story. I’ve been getting great input from writer friends and it makes me realize yet again that anything you do is never just your own effort but many many people have their input in making your project – dream- come true. A thank you just doesn’t seem adequate but that’s the only way to express what I feel, so a big thank you. You know who you are. Wishing all of you a cool summer. Wish me luck for the forthcoming launch of my book. It’s still some time away but I can use all the wishes I can gather both for the psychological energy boost as well as to make positive all the random factors in universe which watch over things.

Meanwhile, I’ll dream of that pitcher of something cold and a lazy summer day spent with a gripping read…until I finish the edits it doesn’t seem to have any possibility of materializing *sigh*

What about you? What’s your favorite way of spending a hot summer day? 🙂

Five pointers for your perfect chapter #writetips

Hi people! Here’s a guest post I did for writer friend Maya Tyler about how I judge what is a perfect chapter. The excerpts are from my wip Tahir and Samara’s story. I’ve put them in bold.

Guest Post from author Summerita Rhayne

Guest week concludes with a post from the talented Summerita Rhayne with some writing pointers. Enjoy! 


Five pointers for your perfect chapter #writetips


Hi Maya, thanks for inviting me to your blog. Lovely to be here. Today I’m feeling rather pleased with myself and I’d like to share why.

Often writing is full of setbacks and frustrations. Characters veering away from the story. Dialogue dragging. Descriptions ballooning into essays…we have a phrase in India – sleeping, weeping and eating (sona rona khana) can be stretched any length and so can the descriptions. You name it, you got it. All writers know, the troubles are innumerable. And let’s not even mention the pov woes. Sometimes I have started on a character’s pov and nearly written almost a whole book. Some characters have lots of internal dialogue 😉

But then there’s the rewarding aspect of writing. When you go back and read something you have written and it’s perfect. You know when your writing says exactly what you want to say in the same tone and without the description of it taking away from the flow of the story. That moment is what you write for! This happened with me yesterday. I was reading a book and as usual comparing myself to the writer and bringing myself down. Thinking I could never get to THE point. Then I closed the book, in a woeful mood and began to reread the work in progress. I came across what is at present chapter seven. And voilà it was there. I had written a perfect chapter. One that satisfied my logic seeking mind and also was re-readable. There are parts in my ms which I like, love or hate and some which could be done better (thank God I’m editing) but this one I’m not going to retouch.


So how do I measure perfection?

Here are the things I look for in a perfect chapter.


1) Pace

This is the absolute, foremost must for me. If the story drags, reading slows down and becomes weighty to the reader. In this, dialogue is a handy tool. Smart dialogue sprinkled with what action characters are doing, adds to the pace.

Here’s an excerpt from the chapter I’m currently liking too much (no knowing tomorrow it may show up some flaw 😉 I like the way the dialogue adds pace to the reading. Do you agree?

‘Samara. Inside. Now.’ Tahir paused a nanosecond near her desk on his way to his office to deliver the imperative.

There was no reason her hackles should rise, she was used to his brusque ways, wasn’t she? 
‘I’ll just finish typing this letter and come.’

‘I said this instant.’ A sharp tap of a blunt index finger on the glass top of her table punctuated the words. He didn’t wait for her response, striding off beyond his office door.


2) Conciseness Next thing I work on is brevity. This is a bit tricky because you need to write the necessary action without being clipped. I’d say for emotional reaction, just show small changes in facial expressions or some telling gesture relatable to the character. You want to show anger? Write terse, pithy phrases. Want to show surprise? Just have your character drop something.

Here’s another snippet in which the hero’s mood is conveyed through short pithy phrases.

‘Have you prepared the due diligence report I asked you to?’

‘It’s in my drawer.’ 

‘What’s it doing there? Laying eggs? Why don’t I have it?’
‘Because you hadn’t asked for it.’ Mutiny sparked through her, her pulse rate increasing as she waited for his reaction, sure he would come up with something sarcastic.
He didn’t disappoint. ‘So I have to ask before you’ll do your work?’ His tone was loaded with sarcasm, as soothing to sensitive nerves as a needle bed.


3) Description without detraction This is just a follow-on from the above point. Since we don’t want to just leave the reader scratching their head, some description is necessary. Just stay close to what is needed. If we want to feel the breeze, focus on a single object like your heroines hair whipping across her neck, rather than describe the effect on each and every thing the wind is blowing at in the scene.

Soon they were weaving out of Delhi traffic. He turned on the road to Manesar. She slid up her sun glasses, attempting to enjoy the breeze on the open road, finding her eyes straying to him as he leaned back, handling the controls with ease, looking deadly with those aviators and those spikes. Thank God he couldn’t see behind her glasses.


4) Show characters’ motivation and emotional state without passive telling Does your chapter focus on their behaviour in synchrony with their internalization? If your heroine is tired, does she misplace things? Put the cookie jar lid on the mixer instead?

In this portion, the beating of his pulse is the external sign of his anger.

‘Do I pay you to cross-question me?’ His brows lifted in what looked like mildly inquiring expression but she could see by the pulse that beat at his jaw that she’d angered him. This man was living breathing fire. She didn’t want to get in the way of his blast.

Or maybe she did.

‘It isn’t easy when you keep on trying to find fault in everything I do.’ She told him, meeting his glance.


5) Interaction between the characters propels the scene forward  A punch should mark the end. Something you need to establish or change or the charcaters react to. A chapter – not even a first one – can’t just be there to set the stage for your story. Have the characters act the change or react to the change.

A short time later they descended the lift and came out on the compound. Samara hesitated as he led the way to his silver Audi. She knew he drove it himself. It wasn’t that she hadn’t been in the car with him before but on those occasions they had been in the backseat discussing work. Driving with him seemed much more informal somehow.

‘Let’s go.’ Tahir directed.
‘But the team?’ Maybe she could travel in the company car.   
‘They’ve left. I just feel like a drive today. Why are you hesitating, Samara?’ He moved to the driver’s side, a sudden edge appearing to the apparent soft voice, ‘Not afraid to be in the car with me, are you?’ His drawl sent her hackles up, combined as it was with a mocking grin. 
‘Of course not. It just feels odd to be driven by my boss.’ she said coolly and climbed in beside him, determined not to give him anything to get hold of. 
  She drew her legs in and shut the door, her skirt riding up in the process. ‘Aren’t you wearing your skirt shorter than usual?’ She’d been about to draw it down but now she resisted the urge out of a mutinous impulse she hadn’t known she could have. It arose from the censorious tone he’d used. And the deliberately personal nature of the comment. 
‘I don’t see it’s any business of yours.’    
‘So it wasn’t for my benefit?’ he fired the car and soon they were turning out of the gates.


So this is my take on the necessary ingredients to whip up a pefect mousse of a chapter J

Since I don’t often feel like this about my writing, this chapter did a huge uplifting of my spirits…Read more on Maya’s blog


#Snippet from Tahir and Samara’s story

Posting another snippet from my work in progress. I have done a lot of writing and rewriting of this story and the fun thing is that the characters continue to surprise me and reveal new facets of their story. So although editing is a pain, the thought that it’s making my ms better, keeps me going 🙂

So here’s a small excerpt. Let me know how you like it…it would be nice to have some feedback.

It’s when their interaction leads to things heating up.

She held his gaze. Direct. Steady. And things changed between them as he’d meant them to, the temperature rising. Only he was caught as well. How could this unlikely girl arouse such a potent awareness in him so that he found himself locked in the hazel pools of her eyes, pulled in till he had no volition and was only aware when he found he was cupping her jaw, bending almost near enough to kiss her and then it didn’t matter because a bare couple of inches didn’t take much to cover. Not when he was being sucked in by a force larger than his resistance. Not when the prize was the contact of her soft lips. And he needed to touch those, have them under his, taste the ripe flavor of her heat , soft and sweet and infinitely giving. Then he was tasting it all.  Arousing. Passionately generous…

So this is it for now. Forgot to sign up today. So no more snippets today…just this small offering 🙂

#Sexysnippet from #TahirandSamara’s story

Here’s another offering for the #sexysnippet initiative of the Nuthouse Scribblers. This one is from Samara’s pov as she gets too hot under the collar in the elevator with Tahir.


Read on…


“Chin up and bear it, Samara. And for God sake don’t let him see it.

Which was about as easy as the research for potential sites for factories she’d finished compiling for him this morning. The very thought of that gaze today made her go hot and cold. She couldn’t be in the elevator with him without getting all jumpy inside. A five-minute break in her workday had her imagining herself in a leather mini and six inch stilettos, swaggering over to tip a glazed eyed Tahir back in his chair and trap him.


She found herself suddenly pinned by a coffee dark glance. ‘What were you thinking of back there anyway?’

Something in the question made her cheeks heat up. ‘Chocolate.’ She blurted.

‘On whom?’

On whom? What the – The rough demand made her collar tie feel tight and her hand immediately went to it as though to loosen it. She had an image of him – shirtless – as the Samara in mini and stilettos dipped a brush in brown liquid and smoothed sweetness over his golden skin.

Chocolate and him! Swoon. A lethal combination.

She so needed to get a hold on this crush of hers. Heat rose around her collar. The elevator doors swished open and she forgot propriety enough to rush out in front of him”


So did you like it? For more snippets, check out the

A #sexysnippet for Sunday: from Tahir and Samara’s story

Happy Easter, everyone! Here’s a #sexysnippet from Tahir and Samara’s story to amp up your Sunday 😉


“Some more niceness?” he queried with velvet softness. Deliberately he let his hands slid down and cup her butt, pulling her in till she felt the nudge of his groin, the intimate feel making her gasp as she stiffened in alarm at the same moment her body went limp with desire, molding against his with an instinctive sensuality that stunned her. The darkened night club offered a subterfuge he was taking full advantage of. She was hanging onto him, wound against him till mere contact seemed insufficient to assuage the burning pit of hunger he’d lit at her core.

Unable to credit her own supplication, she sought his gaze, the hooded glitter of it telling her it wasn’t one sided at all. No longer a game. That fierce hungry gaze raked embers of want into searing heat, a moan locking in her throat.”


Hope you enjoyed reading it.

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Have a cool weekend! 🙂

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