#review Seduced in Spain by Devika Fernando #romance

Seduced in Spain is second book in the Romance round the world series by Devika Fernando, but it’s a standalone read and complete in itself. I must say the cover is fabulous and the author is to be congratulated for it. The story is full of ups and downs for the lead couple. The hallmark of the book is that it is set in exotic locales. The setting rings true and you  get detailed view of the region. The author takes you to Spanish festivals, acquaints you with traditions and whisks you off to vineyards and museums. The food and flavour of the region is beautifully explored. The Alpha hero has his vulnerable moments and the heroine, though shy, is determined and staunch. A series of misconceptions keeps them apart, but everything is finally resolved to provide a lovely happy ever after.

Read it for an exploratory romantic journey to Spain.