#review Choices by Ruchira Khanna

Choices by Ruchira Khanna is a touching story set in a simple small town atmosphere and revolves around a small close knit family. That is the hallmark of the book. It is described in simple language and woven around the every day of the family of a jail warden. The descriptions are very real and the whole ambience feels quite like something you might be witnessing from close by.
There are a few features which are particular to the book.
First, it is written in the present tense. It was a first for me as a reader and I felt quite disorientated initially but the author managed to pull it off.
Second, there are several povs going around in the book. This also requires some getting used to.
Third, there isn’t any main character in the book.
The last one bothered me a bit. I think the author started off by getting to know her characters and gradually gained the insight into her story. You can tell this was just straight from the heart. The downside of this is the reader has to make more effort in grasping the theme. Just like you can’t take the cake straight out of the oven and serve it, so also the story cannot be dished without alteration. It has to be allowed to cool, be cut and layered and decorated with attractive icing before readers can relish it. If the author had worked out her main character and the theme beforehand we need not have gone from Mateo to Albert and then to Leonardo. The theme and the title also could have been echoed better by showing hints of Leonardo’s interest in his father’s job earlier in the book.

However, you cannot fail to be touched by the story. The author has depicted small moments in the families with ease yet leaving an indelible imprint on the reader’s mind. Be it a birth, an injury to their son, loss or the dilemma of a loved one, she has drawn well the support framework of family at each new situation these people face.

#Writerstipwednesday – Authors share writing advice

Here it is, folks, a new instalment of #writerstipwednesday. Every Wednesday I’m hosting authors to share their valuable experience in form of a writing tip. It can be related to any phase of writing, plotting, grammar, editing, publishing or marketing – well, we all know marketing is part of writing now, so need to include that too.


So here we are, with some very inspiring and heartfelt quotes. The first tip is from Ruchira Khanna. Author of fiction work, Choices:a novel, Ruchira thinks of herself as just another soul trying to make a difference in this lifetime via her work and actions. “Follow your heart” she says, “the above helps a writer write what actually ails her and eventually through her words can help heal thyself while providing a big picture to the reader.”

Next up is Ashwini, a teacher, a passionate writer, avid reader and a person who believes in “Keep Smiling theory ” for a healthy successful life. “Hi all,Writing is an art. An Art which comes out heart of the person who is passionate about writing, learning new things  and discovering  new things. ABC(Any Body Can ) be a writer if he/she has willingness and determination to become .It’s not necessary that you  will become a successful author like others but you can  achieve it by constant effort.You write, participate in short stories contest if you win the contest it’s a good thing but if you loose don’t loose hope. Keep on Writing until you succeed as a accomplished writer. Best way to keep on writing is blogging. Blogs are best way connect with current generation writers and yester years writers and follow them so that you can improve upon writing skills. Never stop writing as writing gives rise to more thoughts, imagination and other things. So keeping on WRITING WRITING and WRITING. Don’t bother of what the world says about you!”

Harper Impulse author, Wendy Lou Jones has a unique take of her own on improving writing craft. “For writing tips, I’d say you don’t have to read, although it helps, but watching TV and films is good too as you can watch and think that was good. Why was that good? What did the writer do to make me like that? Could I use that trick in my writing? The reverse also helps. That was rubbish. Why? What did the writer do/not do? I need to avoid that. I find it helps when you are having trouble with your writing to read or watch others’. Hope that helps. :-)”

My input today is based on what I learnt from struggling with a writing block last week. “When you get stuck, go back and start editing your earlier chapters. As you fix them, light begins to shine on what the next segment of your work should be about. You get clues that you left behind which can lead to surprises in the next section.”

Did you found something useful in there? If you got inspired, do let me know in the comments. All the authors would love to hear from you.

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