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Unveiling the new cover for my short story collection, Unexpected Valentines.

Starting from light hearted story, Unexpected Valentine, it explores shades of love and romance through serious Chained to Shadows and up to intergalactic travel romance in Hooded Desire. Right and Wrong deserves special mention for being a contest winning story picked up by Harper Collins India.


Unexpected Valentines: A collection of short romantic reads.

Stories in this collection:

Unexpected Valentine
Sanjana goes off to stop noise pollution in her neighborhood and runs into a handsome but drunk stranger.

The Magic Within
Why can’t Kaira get rid of the dark memory in her past? Will it end up rocking her marriage?

Chained to Shadows
Victor is ripped apart by the loss of his wife. It’s convenient to blame someone…

Right or Wrong
Two men proposed to Raina, six years ago. She’s married to one while the other professes to still love her. Who is right for her?

Love at Loggerheads
Two lawyers, who are each other’s polar opposites.

Coffee and Clashes
Ritvik Malhotra is the arrogant builder bringing down Isha’s grandmother’s shop. Or is he?

Hooded Desire
Rivals or friends or something more? An intergalactic mission tests Aurelia in more ways than one.

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And here’s the new cover 🙂

If you enjoy short reads, do pick up the book.


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​Read bestseller romance at only 99cents. Last day of sale

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What reviewers say:

Summerita writes with a lot of passion and love, I have read her Historical romances as well as Against All Rules and find her writing fast, fluid and precise. No unnecessary situations, dramas or slow pages in the books. Each character, each situation has a purpose – to take the love story forward.” 

– Inderpreet, avid reader, reviewer and blogger

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This morning I found that The Eligible Princess is still in top 100 paid bestsellers at Amazon! I’m excited to see that this tale of historical intrigue, with a bit of inventions thrown in, is drawing a great response.
It’s getting 2000+ pages read most days at Kindle Unlimited which is another lovely surprise.

“The writer takes the readers through a magical journey of yesteryears, with the Kings, the Queens, the army, the kingdoms, the palaces, all portrayed so beautifully, in all their grandeur.”
      –  From Amazon review by author Deep Downer.

If you’d like a sample of first two chapters, please leave a message through the contact me page.


Alternatively, you can download a small sample at:


Here’s something about the book:

King Kartikeya wants a bride. If he wants his people to remain loyal to him, he has to present princess from the North to them as his wife. He will do his utmost to keep the public happy and his crown in place.
Princess Lakshaya is tired of being presented to royal suitors again and again and getting rejected. She wants nothing better than to paint or conduct her mathematical experiments. A grand king like Kartikeya would only find faults in her. She is afraid she would fail to impress him and be taunted for it.
But Kartik is not at all what she expected. Attractive and dashing, he sets out to woo her. She’s intrigued and ensnared. He almost wins her heart but then she finds he has secrets and a past which she cannot accept.
Staging her own kidnapping seems the only way she can flee the inescapable trap of marriage sprung on her…

From princess to queen – The Eligible Princess follows the journey of Princess Lakshaya to find her destiny and love.

Also read Hidden Passion, Book 1 in the series.

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An excerpt from contemporary romance Against All Rules. The dialogue starts with Tahir. In this, Tahir finally admits he’s attracted to Samara.
‘I have tried to fight it, Samara. Like you, I did my damnest to ignore this…’

Tahir saw the surprise in her eyes as her head jerked up.

‘Last night, it wasn’t about Elaine, all I could think was how to stay away from you…’ Was he confessing this to her? This was wrong but as though he was compelled to say them, the words were forming. ‘Then today on the dance floor…’ At last he saw the acknowledgement in her eyes. They softened and glowed as though she was reliving the surge of sensations they both had been enveloped in. How could this girl, whom he would have said he was unlikely to find desirable, arouse such a potent awareness in him so that he found himself locked in the hazel pools of her eyes, pulled in till he had no volition left of his own and was only dimly aware when he found he was cupping her jaw, bending to kiss her and then it didn’t matter because a bare couple of inches didn’t take much to cover. Not when he was being sucked in by a force larger than his resistance. Not when the prize was the contact of her soft lips. He needed to touch those, have them under his, taste the ripe flavor of her heat, soft and sweet and infinitely giving. Then he was tasting it all.  Arousing. Passionately generous. He wanted it to go on forever. He wanted to end the light exploration and deepen it into complete abandon. He let his tongue trace and probe the sweetness, his hands curve on her soft form till the awakening of his senses gelled into a muscle tensing awareness of her that he could feel hardening at his crotch.

Yet he couldn’t let go. His hands moved and cupped her breasts, exploring curves that demanded his touch as though made to be possessed by his hands. Heat grew into a bold tension, a throbbing that craved release. He could feel his blood pound faster through his veins as he drew her hard against his body. She felt so good that it wasn’t enough. He wanted her losing that precious control, hair splayed, her body arching in need, his name on her lips as she enclosed him in slick heat.

A red signal flashed in his brain and he lifted his head, his voice deep and grating, ‘You’ll agree we’re way past thinking of rules.’


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Author: Tanu Jain

Read some reviews:

1. Reet Singh 
2. Shree 
3. Shilpa Garg 

The Story:

When Maharaj Vidyamann Veer Singh of Samogpur’s beautiful young wife vanished three years ago everyone assumed she was dead. When Veer discovers she’s actually alive and well, he’s determined to bring her back home to do her duty…
Meethi loved Veer passionately but felt shackled in the role of his wife. Will they overcome the obstacles to find happiness in marriage?

You can also buy @
About The Author 


Tanu Jain 
Tanu Jain is a bookaholic turned writer. A doctorate in English Literature, she hid the fact from friends and family for years that she was an aspiring writer of one of those steamy Mills and Boons. She had sent off manuscripts (returned with polite regret) much before M&B came to India. Two M&Bs (His Captive Indian Princess, 2013 and His Runaway Royal Bride, 2014) later she is currently working on her third book. Strength, kindness, honesty, optimism and love were drilled into her as a child by her parents and the first M&B that she read made her realize that these were exactly what romance novels were about! So, writing a romance novel was both emotionally and morally satisfying!
Stalk her @
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