#review Dealing Her Final Card by Jennie Lucas

Dealing Her Final Card by Jennie Lucas is a Harlequin Presents/Modern romance. True to the genre, it follows a conflict generating beginning, followed by the hero sweeping the heroine off her feet and finally, him being redeemed by love.

It was an engrossing read. The credit goes to the author who has great writing flair. I found the initial premise quite medieval but once you get over that, and a bewildering middle, it settles back into the brisk pace the beginning promises. Lots of twists and dark shades keep you riveted.
*a bit of a spoiler here*
The end was quite creditable to the hero but didn’t favor the heroine. I found my opinion of her plummeting. The set up for the next book also made the ending a bit weaker than it should be.
I give it four stars because it didn’t take long to finish and provided an entertaining read.