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Here’s a lovely five star review for More Than Just Desire – sensual romance set against the glamorous backdrop of Indian film industry. 

Posted at Amazon by Steph…

“Wow this is too interesting novel that you must not missed. The book was short but very satisfying. I like how the author put twists on every single scene of the story. This is so great and is recommended.”

Thank you. 

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#Bookreview : #AgainstAllRules reviewed by Nikita Jhanglani

Nikita Jhanglani is a blogger and author who has had short stories published in Femina and Women’s Web amongst other works.

She reviews Against All Rules on her blog and has this to say:

“There are love stories that are subtle and there are love stories that are passionate. Against All Rules is subtly passionate and passionate subtle! The story has a steaming start that promises to make the entire reading journey worthwhile.”

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