Announcing #winner of #MothersDay #contest

We have a winner for the MothersDay contest and it is…drum roll…Ashwini!
Congrats, Ashwini 🙂

Here’s her story which wins her the book of her choice.

There are so many things to tell about my mother from where to start is major problem for me.There is incident that happened when I was child. This incident is still vivid memory only because of my ma’s support.It was during my third standard my teachers complained to principal that I did not do any homework. I did not know why they suddenly complained about me that day .Without understanding anything I came home. I tried to make out what went wrong but all my efforts went in vain and that before going to bed I suddenly started crying .On hearing my slow sobs my ma patted my head and asked the reason behind this So when I told about it .She just asked me “Is there any home work to do? I will do it for you .Then I nodded and gave her my homework and slept on her lap with a pale face. While she completed my home work by staying all awake the entire night .Even though she had go to her office by 7am the next day.

I LOVE ALL YOUR BOOKS Summerita.But Unexpected Valentines is my all time favorite.”
Thank you,  Ashwini! And many thanks for sharing this lovely story of your mom. Mothers are like that, aren’t they?  They would do anything to make their child happy 🙂

Hope you all enjoyed Mother’s day. What special thing did you do? Do share in the comments 🙂

Here’s an excerpt from Unexpected Valentines – short story romance collection that Ashwini loves. Hope you enjoy!

This is from the story ‘Love at Loggerheads’

Her breath roughened again after few feet and she looked around for some rock or something to lean against, finally settling down against a tree stump.
‘What an ideal way to keep fit, bearing such a heavy weight.’
The mocking male voice with the rather pleasantly deep tenor unreasonably jarred against her senses. She made a face on recognizing it. Danish Batra. Her nemesis in court.
‘What weight?’ She squinted up at him as he descended the slope and came closer.
‘I was talking to the tree, not you.’
She should have expected that. ‘Ho gaya?’ She asked with awful politeness. ‘Are you done? I thought you were intolerable only in the courtroom. My mistake apparently.’
‘Oh I didn’t realize you were expecting me to be charming. Why didn’t you tell me so before?’ He pretended to give her a scrutiny. ‘Now what should I say? Oh yes. Blue suits you!’
Muffled up as she was in layers with a bulky blue cardigan over her jeans, she knew that was no compliment. Even if he had been meaning to be sincere. Which he wasn’t. ‘Nice try, Batra. Casanova has his work cut out trying to beat you.’
‘Casanova’s nothing compared to me and you know it.’ He winked.
‘Did I mention? Modesty is so becoming in a gentleman.’
‘I love your tastes.’ He grinned and Saumya found herself smiling. Funny she’d never noticed how attractively his eyes crinkled up at the corners. His teeth were nice and that mouth was so well shaped, like it had been chiseled with a fine hand…
What was she thinking? She tore her gaze away from him. He settled down beside her.
‘Why are you back?’
‘I was looking for you.’
‘Oh you missed me!’ She couldn’t help the sarcasm. ‘How touching!’
‘Isn’t it?’ He said easily. ‘The air was beginning to dampen without your sharp wit.


Tell a special story about your Mom and win a book! #MothersDay

In honour of Mother’s Day, I have a special offer for my readers. Share a special story about your Mom and the best entry wins a copy of any of my ebooks.

Here’s something I found about the history of Mother’s Day at

Mother’s Day originated from mainly two women, Julia Ward Howe and Anna Jarvis. Julia Ward sponsored Mother’s Day each year in Boston around 1870 to promote pacifism and disarmament with women. It lasted about 10 years. Anna Jarvis organized the first Mother’s Day in Grafton, West Virginia at St. Andrew’s Methodist Church in 1908.

Happy Mother’s Day

For me, Mother’s Day is an occasion to relive memories with my mother who passed away twelve years ago. I’ve lived in the same city as my Mom all my life. I was lucky that way as I didn’t have to travel a lot to see her. She was a teacher and worked hard all her life to attend to her three kids and was passionate about our education. My father used to commute everyday to work, so much of the burden of maintaining a household fell on her. She remained committed to her goal of seeing her kids well established. Now we’re all thankful to her for her unstinting commitment.

We all love our mothers. Make this day special for them.

I’d like to make it extra special for you too, so do send in your entry. To check out my books, click on Home tab at this site. You can share anything unique about your Mom. Just put it in the comments, along with your choice out of my books. The entry doesn’t have to be very polished or correct, just something straight from your heart about what your mother means to you. I will post the best entries in future posts, so feel free to include a line about yourself too.

The contest will run up till Sunday, May 10th.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day!