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Sharing today an excerpt from new release His Christmas Miracle.

In this, Kyle and Chrissie have a peaceful moment but again end up in a brawl 🙂



‘I enjoyed today,’ Chrissie told him as they drew up at the villa. Her gaze sparkled with the glaze of amethysts, causing him to breathe in slowly and deeply.
‘It’s not over yet. We can go down to the beach together.’ He hadn’t really planned to say that.
‘OK. I’ll get my beach things and meet you in…ten minutes?’ She didn’t want to think about his reasons any more.
Kyle felt a surge of excitement he hadn’t felt in a long time. ‘Done.’
Evening rays were still quite warm as they settled on the almost deserted beach. They sipped coconut water from the green fruit, Chrissie having overridden Kyle’s frowning looks and insisting that he should also have it. In companionable silence, they watched the rushing of waves coming in and receding.
‘Want to try the water?’
He peeled off his tee. Chrissie tried not to let her gaze get glued to his torso. She’d known he was fit, but the clothes had hidden the ripple of honed muscles and broad chest. His trunks clung to lean hips and exposed long powerful thighs and muscled legs.
‘Come on,’ he prompted, his voice lazy and decadent or so it seemed. She obeyed, getting rid of the long shift she wore. Her tummy didn’t show the pregnancy as yet, though she had gained a gentle convexity though indulgence in the delicious food Tonya cooked.
She didn’t know he noticed or not because she took care not to look directly at him, instead focusing on the waves ahead.
Kyle held her hand firmly and found himself resisting the impulse to trace the indentation of her spine as she kept a little ahead. Her modest bikini was almost one piece, her waist covered at the sides. Probably to keep from getting too much sun. The deep blue of the fabric stretched over her like a second skin. Her breasts were fuller than the dress had hinted, the deep V of her cleavage enhanced by the bra. She couldn’t fail to notice his scrutiny surely. Small, curvy and saucy, she made him lose track of where he was and why. He had to drag his gaze away from her.
The water was choppy. They soon turned back. Chrissie urged him to give in to the persistent plea of a water sports renter, but he shook his head firmly. A few groups strolled up and the man went away to try his luck with the late comers.
Kyle ran a hand through his hair and flopped on to his towel, exercising his shoulders to get rid of the knot between them.
‘Tired?’ Chrissie rubbed herself dry.
‘Stubborn,’ she awarded.
He laughed. ‘OK. Just a bit.’ He reached up to rub his neck. ‘You’ve led me through quite a chase, so… you’ve got a few blisters still,’ he said, glancing at her stomach.
‘It’s fine. Almost healed.’
‘Thank God. I was scared that time.’
‘How did you find me?’ It crossed her mind that he’d said Dan refused to tell him where she was.
‘Your brother’s wife, Tonya, told me. Thanks for the message by the way. I was going crazy wondering where were you and what were you planning.’
‘How could you?’ Her annoyance with him returned. ‘Didn’t I get through to you how concerned I was about the baby too?’
‘Yes, but hey you said yourself, I’m a worrier. I had to come and see for myself,’ he said softly. ‘Things happened just too fast. First all the hoopla about Sophie…Zuzana…’
She relaxed a fraction. ‘I know it was hard on you. You never suspected, did you? She –
was she a normal wife to you?’ She blushed and added hastily, ‘I mean, a good sort of wife?’ What had made her ask that? The need to know how this so accurate and sharp man had been bamboozled.
‘Very much a good wife, I should say.’ His mouth twisted. ‘I wouldn’t say caring, but she did all the right things at the right time. She’d take care of everything and judged exactly what I wanted or needed. Breakfast ready on the dot. Clothes laid out. When I came home, music would be playing. Classical or jazz, which I liked. She’d massage my shoulders and let me relax.’
She coughed deliberately. ‘I get the picture.’ Next, he’d be telling her about their bedtime stories.
‘Don’t worry. I’m not going into our sex life,’ he said sardonically, reading her mind.
‘You seemed so immersed in fond memories.’ His mouth tightened and too late she realized her mistake. They could simply not get on well. She closed her eyes briefly. ‘I – we should leave now. I’ll be late for dinner.’
He turned the stormy blue eyes on her and this time she couldn’t escape the force of his gaze. ‘Don’t go rushing off. We can dine together.’
Her eyes were level with his as he leaned closer in an effort to persuade her. She hesitated, in that fraction of time acutely conscious of his nearness. The water droplets shone on his smooth skin. Velvet skin covering steel like muscles. His stomach was so flat, ridged by corded brawn. On his chest, a dark fuzz spread, tapering down to discontinue and then reform just below his navel. She inhaled slowly as her lungs felt deprived of air. He was virile, hot blooded, and she was…
A pregnant female, she reminded herself.
He was inviting her to spend time with him for the sake of his baby. Not because he wanted her company for himself.
She said, laughing lightly, ‘What? Another meal with you? That would be extending the day to boring.’
His mouth curved, but his eyes hardened. She recognized the smile for the mocking travesty it was. ‘Oh, hardly boring. Women vie to have the chance.’
‘How nice. Do grab yourself some while you’re about,’ she said politely.
‘Oh, I will. Quite a lot of leggy beauties around here.’
She glanced at the tanned lanky female forms lounging around. He was staring at a group of beachwear clad girls standing nearby. Chrissie felt her fists clench. ‘Nice to see you’re recovering well from the Sophie escapade.’
He gave her a dark look. ‘I’m a single man now. In a holiday spot. Why shouldn’t I live it up?’
‘Please do,’ she snapped. ‘I’ll be fine walking back. Don’t let that thought stop you.’
‘Many thanks for being understanding.’ Abruptly, he got up and went away. She saw him chatting to a laughing Indian girl, wearing a shapely sarong like beach dress which fell open at neck and showed her deeply cut bikini top. Jealousy pierced her. She tried to ignore them but the girl laughed too loudly at all of his comments. Ego panderer, she thought resentfully, busying herself in clicking selfies. Then they got up and Kyle led her to his car. Chrissie felt like throwing a coconut at his windshield as he backed the shiny red sedan out and they drove away. She turned her head away from where they had disappeared and stared over the waves. Why should she bother?



Chrissie’s impossible wish…

Kyle Masson’s marriage has been a sham. Now after two years of apparent happiness, all he’s left with, is a surrogate mother, pregnant with his child. Determined to at least be a proper father, he is ready to care for her throughout her pregnancy. But his experience has left him suspicious. Duped by one woman, he’s determined not to let Chrissie out of his sight. So, when she plans a trip to India without his knowledge, Kyle follows hot on her heels.
Chrissie feels oppressed by her situation. Kyle’s heavy-handed tactics are driving her mad and to complicate matters even further, she’s seriously attracted to him. Surely she can’t be drawn to a man this bossy? And then as she gets to know him, an insidious, impossible dream begins. That her baby should have both parents.
As compelling attraction drives them together, that wistful yearning appears to take on a hazy form.
But Chrissie knows her dreams are poised to be shattered. For she is bound to be only a surrogate, never a real mum.
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Here’s an excerpt from my interview with the word bite team.

Let’s Talk: with Summerita Rhayne, The Author of Hidden Passion

We are in conversation with Summerita Rhayne, The Author of Hidden Passion, where she talk about her new book and much more things.                    

Let’s talk!

Team WordBite (TWB): Tell us something about you which very few people know of.

Summerita: Thank you for having me here, Wordbite Team. To answer your question, very few people know that I have been published traditionally by a reputed romance publisher and have two books out under that banner.

TWB: Why should one read your book? Anything that you want to tell a potential reader that the blurb of your book doesn’t tell him?

Summerita: In addition to romance, my book offers an insight into the emotional growth of the characters. For instance, Rukmani is impetuous and slightly spoiled and has a hard time coming to terms with the fact that she cannot have her own way. However, she has strength to realize her shortcomings and takes that growth into her stride. At the same time she’s strong enough to stand by her passion for the Maharaja. The Maharaja, Devesh, is bound by his duties, but must discover that the path of duty must not exclude the path to personal happiness. I feel we Indians need to learn this as we have been brought up to live for others rather than pursue our own passions and dreams. Even in Bollywood, parental happiness is placed above personal happiness. The two things need not be exclusive. How can we take care of ourselves, while also following duty is one of the themes of this novella.


TWB: Any issue regarding Indian publishing or readership which you strongly feel about and why?

Summerita: Actually, there is something which has struck me forcibly. I’m closely associated with promotion of budding authors and especially budding Indian authors. I have noticed that people take the plunge into writing without bothering to learn the craft of writing. At a minimum, a good grasp of grammar and language and some knowledge of character building, story structure etc. is desirable. There are many books out there which are so littered with errors that the story is lost even if it may be a good one. It is not the responsibility of the publishing but the author nowadays to proofread as closely as they can. Publishers do offer the services but being so overcrowded by work, these may not be foolproof. Especially when we are talking about character building and story structure, a writer should learn at least the basics or it would be a waste of precious time to pound out the words.

TWB: Why did you choose to write something on this particular genre?

Summerita: History was a favourite subject for me even at school. I was always attracted to the intrigue and the scope to let the imagination loose, that is offered by history. I also wanted to try my hand at different genres of romance to know which is most suited to my writing style. So when a story sprang into mind, I took the plunge. Indian history is vast and varied and composed of myriad cultures. I researched to find the perfect period setting for my story and found it in the Early Medieval period that was just post-Gupta reign.

TWB: Who was your inspiration in this writing journey?

Summerita: All the women authors and author friends, who juggle job, family and writing because for them writing is a passion, have inspired me to take up and continue on this writing journey even when the going got tough.

TWB: Are you a writer by profession or by passion? What do you do other than reading and writing books?

Summerita: I’m a writer by both profession and passion now, though passion came earlier *smile* I’m a professor in my non writing life. I enjoy teaching as much as I enjoy writing.

TWB: Everyone wants to tell a story, but rarely do people start writing. Can you tell us how difficult it is to write the first book?

Summerita: Writing a book is quite tough. Sometimes one is blown away by an idea and can start a writing project with enthusiasm but after a chapter or two, the story grounds to an abrupt halt. This happens because one doesn’t know one’s characters properly. It’s better to do a rough draft for the initial chapters till you get the idea of what you want the characters to be like and what you think the story should be about. Then begin again keeping those things in view.

It’s very tough to keep writing. A rather creative expression I heard somewhere was that a jar of butt glue is essential to finish a writing project and that says it! One does need to be glued to the writing chair. Once a work is complete, it’s much easier to rewrite and revise it. From my experience I can tell you, not just the first book, every book is difficult to finish. It’s far easier to watch a movie or procrastinate on the Internet or chat with your friends. After all, nobody asked to take up writing. But if you want to be a writer, you have to stick to putting the words down. It’s necessary to arm yourself with a healthy dose of persistence.

TWB: Amidst all those positive replies and fan mails all throughout the days when your book was being appreciated, was there any bit of advice that you got from anyone, for your work, which you have emulated thereafter?

Summerita: I always read the reviews very carefully, at least I have till now. After weighing as impartially as I can what criticism can help me get better, I apply it. I used to write in a very terse, clipped manner but when a critic pointed it out, I have made the effort to be more detailed and descriptive while writing. However, it is a thin line to tread as too much description tends to be boring. So I have tried to be moderate about it.

TWB: Can you give us a little sneak peak of your upcoming books? What are you working on?

Summerita: Currently I am writing the prequel to Hidden Passion, that is Rukmani’s sister Lakshaya’s story. I meant to fix up another manuscript but having worked on one historical, I have found the setting very fascinating and am riveted with the second book. It is called The Eligible Princess. Lakshaya is quite different from Rukmani in character and this book follows her journey to find someone who can appreciate her for herself and doesn’t care about superficial looks.

Read the rest here