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Hello! Let me share today a few lines from A Twist of Fate, the second book in my historical trilogy.

In this, Deva and Charu had got married through the ancient custom of arranged marriage when the groom and the bride meet only at the time of marriage. Although conscious of the obstacles between them, Deva can’t help giving in to the attraction between them.


‘Do you really wish me to be so brazen as to step in your embrace?’
He gazed down into her eyes, conscious again of that mixture of humor and the shyness of a bride. He surely didn’t wish her to come any closer. His blood pressure might not sustain it.
In direct contradiction, he said, ‘Do you want to?’
Her eyes widened a little, but he had to acknowledge she didn’t lack for comprehension. Two slim arms like the snakes of temptation wreathed round his neck and her warm curves pressed against his – what now seemed to have been destitute – body.


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#CoverReveal #historical #romance A Secret Tie #Trilogy

Today I am excited to share the cover reveal of A Secret Tie which is the third book in my historical trilogy. I love this cover and hope you’ll also feel the same about it.

Check out the book details and an excerpt along with the book cover at Book Addict Rambles.


Do comment below how you like it.

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#HiddenPassion climbs charts at #Amazon

Excited to share that Hidden Passion, the first in the Indian Princesses Saga is at #52 in Amazon recommended category.  Hidden Passion is a sensual romance set in medieval India.
Here’s something about the book:

A novella set in the Early Middle Ages in India, Hidden Passion relates the story of Princess Rukmani who wants to find love and passion and refuses to be chained by conventions.

Rukmani, the youngest of the Kamboj royal family, has always had her way and she thinks she would too when the question of her marriage arises. In accordance to the tradition of Swayamwar, in which a princess can choose whom she wants to marry, she expresses her wishes. But her father and brothers oppose her in her choice and instead command her to accept the ruler they have chosen for her for political reasons. Do aristocratic affairs matter more than her heart? Who can she run to? She seeks refuge from the strongest ruler of the region, Deveshwaraya.

Devesh has struggled to free the farmers from despotic rulers. When Rukmani presents himself at his door, he finds himself torn between duty and desire. He is drawn to her yet he knows that being with her jeopardizes everything he has worked for. When even protecting her invites trouble, how can he let his heart become involved?

When the walls of monarchical politics rise high between them, will passion and love prevail?

Hidden Passion is Book #1 in The Princesses Saga. Book #2 is titled The Eligible Princess. Both are standalone stories and can be read in any order.



“There is much to love about the story of Kamboj princess Rukmani and royal ruler Devesh. The story moves along at a brisk pace, encompassing romance, tragedy, action and even a few healthy doses of philosophy and politics. The author managed to make the setting and characters come alive by painting a picture in rich detail without ever letting the plot slacken.”

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It has often featured in the bestsellers category at Amazon kindle Asian history.
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#HiddenPassion in the #bestseller category! #Amazon #kindle

Happy to share Hidden Passion, historical romance set in 600AD India is at no. 86 in Amazon bestsellers!
I love this book because I had fun penning the character of impetuous,  spoilt but readily penitent Rukmani, the youngest of the Kamboj Princesses.
In case you are wondering the book is a work of fiction and has no connection with folklore or actual history except the use of the period setting.

Here’s something about the book

Stalled by her family’s opposition to her choice of husband, Rukmani must seek help from King Deveshwaraya, the man she wants to marry…but who has rejected her…

Devesh finds desire warring with duty. Can he throw away everything he has worked for and reach out for the passion that Rukmani alluringly offers him?

At #86 right now in Kindle ebooks > History  > Asia > India
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#HiddenPassion – #historical #romance price reduced for Amazon.in

If you’d like to read a romance set in ancient India at a low cost, the
price for #HiddenPassion is reduced by 55% at Amazon.in

Princess Rukmani’s family wants her to marry a prince of their choice. She has eyes only for King Deveshwaraya. But he has rejected her.

Stalled by her family’s opposition to her choice of husband, Rukmani must seek help from the king who refuses to acknowledge the passion between them.

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#Interview on #TheWordBite blog

Here’s an excerpt from my interview with the word bite team.

Let’s Talk: with Summerita Rhayne, The Author of Hidden Passion

We are in conversation with Summerita Rhayne, The Author of Hidden Passion, where she talk about her new book and much more things.                    

Let’s talk!

Team WordBite (TWB): Tell us something about you which very few people know of.

Summerita: Thank you for having me here, Wordbite Team. To answer your question, very few people know that I have been published traditionally by a reputed romance publisher and have two books out under that banner.

TWB: Why should one read your book? Anything that you want to tell a potential reader that the blurb of your book doesn’t tell him?

Summerita: In addition to romance, my book offers an insight into the emotional growth of the characters. For instance, Rukmani is impetuous and slightly spoiled and has a hard time coming to terms with the fact that she cannot have her own way. However, she has strength to realize her shortcomings and takes that growth into her stride. At the same time she’s strong enough to stand by her passion for the Maharaja. The Maharaja, Devesh, is bound by his duties, but must discover that the path of duty must not exclude the path to personal happiness. I feel we Indians need to learn this as we have been brought up to live for others rather than pursue our own passions and dreams. Even in Bollywood, parental happiness is placed above personal happiness. The two things need not be exclusive. How can we take care of ourselves, while also following duty is one of the themes of this novella.


TWB: Any issue regarding Indian publishing or readership which you strongly feel about and why?

Summerita: Actually, there is something which has struck me forcibly. I’m closely associated with promotion of budding authors and especially budding Indian authors. I have noticed that people take the plunge into writing without bothering to learn the craft of writing. At a minimum, a good grasp of grammar and language and some knowledge of character building, story structure etc. is desirable. There are many books out there which are so littered with errors that the story is lost even if it may be a good one. It is not the responsibility of the publishing but the author nowadays to proofread as closely as they can. Publishers do offer the services but being so overcrowded by work, these may not be foolproof. Especially when we are talking about character building and story structure, a writer should learn at least the basics or it would be a waste of precious time to pound out the words.

TWB: Why did you choose to write something on this particular genre?

Summerita: History was a favourite subject for me even at school. I was always attracted to the intrigue and the scope to let the imagination loose, that is offered by history. I also wanted to try my hand at different genres of romance to know which is most suited to my writing style. So when a story sprang into mind, I took the plunge. Indian history is vast and varied and composed of myriad cultures. I researched to find the perfect period setting for my story and found it in the Early Medieval period that was just post-Gupta reign.

TWB: Who was your inspiration in this writing journey?

Summerita: All the women authors and author friends, who juggle job, family and writing because for them writing is a passion, have inspired me to take up and continue on this writing journey even when the going got tough.

TWB: Are you a writer by profession or by passion? What do you do other than reading and writing books?

Summerita: I’m a writer by both profession and passion now, though passion came earlier *smile* I’m a professor in my non writing life. I enjoy teaching as much as I enjoy writing.

TWB: Everyone wants to tell a story, but rarely do people start writing. Can you tell us how difficult it is to write the first book?

Summerita: Writing a book is quite tough. Sometimes one is blown away by an idea and can start a writing project with enthusiasm but after a chapter or two, the story grounds to an abrupt halt. This happens because one doesn’t know one’s characters properly. It’s better to do a rough draft for the initial chapters till you get the idea of what you want the characters to be like and what you think the story should be about. Then begin again keeping those things in view.

It’s very tough to keep writing. A rather creative expression I heard somewhere was that a jar of butt glue is essential to finish a writing project and that says it! One does need to be glued to the writing chair. Once a work is complete, it’s much easier to rewrite and revise it. From my experience I can tell you, not just the first book, every book is difficult to finish. It’s far easier to watch a movie or procrastinate on the Internet or chat with your friends. After all, nobody asked to take up writing. But if you want to be a writer, you have to stick to putting the words down. It’s necessary to arm yourself with a healthy dose of persistence.

TWB: Amidst all those positive replies and fan mails all throughout the days when your book was being appreciated, was there any bit of advice that you got from anyone, for your work, which you have emulated thereafter?

Summerita: I always read the reviews very carefully, at least I have till now. After weighing as impartially as I can what criticism can help me get better, I apply it. I used to write in a very terse, clipped manner but when a critic pointed it out, I have made the effort to be more detailed and descriptive while writing. However, it is a thin line to tread as too much description tends to be boring. So I have tried to be moderate about it.

TWB: Can you give us a little sneak peak of your upcoming books? What are you working on?

Summerita: Currently I am writing the prequel to Hidden Passion, that is Rukmani’s sister Lakshaya’s story. I meant to fix up another manuscript but having worked on one historical, I have found the setting very fascinating and am riveted with the second book. It is called The Eligible Princess. Lakshaya is quite different from Rukmani in character and this book follows her journey to find someone who can appreciate her for herself and doesn’t care about superficial looks.

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#BookReview – Runaway Lady Conquering Lord by Carol Townend #historical #romance

Runaway Lady Conquering Lord by Carol Townend is a historical romance from Harlequin.
I’m quite a fan of historical romances especially those from Georgette Heyer and at one time used to devour historicals from Hqn too by the dozen. However, I moved onto other kind of genres as one does and so have taken up this one after a long time. Having finished writing a medieval Indian historical myself, I was in a mood to read a period romance and also to look into how much historical romances have changed over the years.
Harlequin has certainly evolved in this genre too. They have high standards and this was borne out by this book. As far as research is concerned, the author has fairly excelled. She has seamlessly woven research into the story. The descriptions are very vivid – so much so that you can actually visualize the damp on the castle walls as you read on. From my experience I know how difficult it is to manage research while writing about the past and I salute the author for this.
The romance is also good initially. The setting isn’t one I had the chance to read before this and I found it intriguing. Mostly one finds virgin heroines in period romances so it was quite a change, at least for me, to read a heroine who had an affair in the past. I quite enjoyed the story but as it neared the end, it lost its course a bit. The internal conflict was tapid and the characters overall came across as a bit too stoic. I would have welcomed some overt emotion in the heroine but she’s portrayed as being too perfect and in control. Without giving away the end,  I can only say it was a bit unsatisfactory to find they didn’t have to face any major obstacle to get their HEA.

Verdict: I give this book five stars for the research and setting and four stars for the romance. It definitely gets you into history. You will not regret picking it up.
Recommended for historical aficionados.

#Coverreveal – Hidden Passion by Summerita Rhayne

Hello friends! 
I’m very excited to share the cover of my new book which is a historical romance. Hidden Passion is the story of Princess Rukmani and King Deveshwarya, set in the early medieval India. I’ve always been fascinated by that period of the brave and wise maharajas and beautiful and courageous rajkumaris whose tales I read growing up in Chandamama and Amar Chitra Katha…I wonder how many can relate to those names *smile* But whether you can or not, I feel, no one can remain untouched by the romance and richness of that period. There’s a drama and intrigue in history that simply calls out to imagination. I’ve always wanted to write a historical and the idea for this book came to me in form an image: A princess seeking the sanctuary of a Maharaja whom she thinks she can depend on but that Maharaja being unwilling to help her. I had to think why he wouldn’t and why she had to run to him and slowly the characters took shape: Rukmani, a princess of the Kamboj clan who has been pampered by her family but now is suddenly without support and Deveshwaraya, a Samrat who was not born to a throne but comes to rule by following his convictions.
I had a lot of fun delving into history while charting out the setting and the events of this novella. As my characters were not blind followers of tradition, I was able to let my imagination loose a lot. But I also made use of the customs prevalent in the period in the story. For instance, in those times, the princesses could choose their own husbands by the ritual of swayamvara yet the outcome of these was often tied up with many political consequences. Rukmani also finds such a situation hindering her path to love. Even princesses had to struggle sometimes to get their heart’s desire. So even for them life wasn’t easy! 
This is my first historical getting published, so it’s a huge moment for me. Hope you all love the cover!

Are you ready 


























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Rukmani, the youngest of her family, has always had her way and she thinks she would too when the question of her marriage arises. But when she expresses her wishes, her world comes crumbling down because she has fallen for the wrong man. Who can she run to but the strongest ruler of the region, Deveshwaraya?

Devesh finds himself torn between duty and desire. He is drawn to her yet being with her jeopardizes everything he has worked for. When even protecting her invites trouble, how can he let his heart become involved? 

When the walls of monarchical politics  rise high between them, will her passion prevail?

Hidden Passion – the story of a princess daring to reach out for her heart’s desire.
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