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Hi all! I’m superexcited to share that Last Man She’d Love has got another orange flag at Amazon and this time it’s the coveted ‘bestseller’ one.

The ebook recently hit number one in its category and voila!

Here’s the one with the new release banner, just to relive the moment!

I thank all readers and supporters from the bottom of my heart for taking the book to these heights in ranking. 

If you haven’t read it, check out the book at Amazon.

A short blurb:

A palatial country house, a quirky grandfather and a malicious mother…not to mention a disgruntled brother…these are just the cream of Guy’s household. Just posing as this flirtatious man’s fiancee invites trouble. Thank God, she’s not married to him, nor likely to be…

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#Review Last Man She’d Love 

Happy to share a five star review for Last Man She’d Love.

Here is what Wendy has to say at Amazon UK;

Another corker from one of my favourite romance authors.

“Loved this book. A rogue with charisma and chemistry and a woman trying to make the best of her life. Sometimes the best things happen when you cross your fingers and pretend.”

Many thanks, Wendy!



You can check out the book at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07475QM2N


Against All Rules #free download at Amazon

Contemporary romance Against All Rules is free at Amazon only for a few hours more. If you haven’t downloaded, there’s still time remaining.
During the promo period of two days, it got to no.1 in World Literature Asian in kindle ebooks and no.7 in Contemporary urban fiction at Amazon.com.
At Amazon.in last I saw, it was #46 in contemporary romance.


Check it out here:

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More Than Just Desire, sensual, romance set against the backdrop of glam world of movies is free at Amazon. You can download it here:

It continues to be free till 13th March Amazon time.


Here’s the Blurb:

The Bollywood diva who ran away
Piya walked out of an explosive situation three years ago. She married Arfaaz for security but left him facing chaos she created. Now she’s back in Bollywood and searching for the crown she gave up when she ran away. In the competitive world of starry glamour, the only way she can begin her career anew is to trash the past and get a divorce.
The man who wants her atonement
Arfaaz is determined to get his revenge on Piya for making a farce of their marriage and leaving him to face the mudslinging. He forces her to keep up the appearances and stay with him so she can play the loving wife and repent on her sins. But Piya drives him crazy with her antics. On the top of that, the attraction between them sizzles and threatens to make him forget reason.
A passionate conflict
Piya knows she has lessons to learn but she cannot let this man enter her heart. There is too much to risk and she cannot afford to forget the real reason she has come back. Success is her mantra and her worship. She can be faithful to only her goal…

Thank you all who have downloaded and reviewed the book.

“Romantic to the core” #review #MoreThanJustDesire

Author Ruchi Singh’s review for contemporary romance More Than Just Desire:
“More Than Just Desire does full justice to Summerita Rhayne’s brand of sensuous romance. The author effortlessly pulls you into the glamorous world of Arfaaz and Piya.

Set in the back drop of India’s film industry, Bollywood; MTJD takes us through an emotional journey of Piya. A top actor—a Diva to millions—had abandoned everything to seek peace in life and discover herself. But as they you can never ignore your inner calling; she comes back to Mumbai. Arfaaz, the handsome director, her estranged husband, comes to know about her return and plots to meet her and make her pay for leaving him in a soup. And the drama begins.

The author has painted a sophisticated picture of mechanics of Bollywood and that’s the USP of the book. I loved the setting and the way Arfaaz is portrayed in the story. Summerita narration is smooth and entertaining giving us a peep into Piya’s tumultuous childhood and to why Piya is the way she is.

Highly entertaining, a recommended read for all romance lovers.”
Thanks to Ruchi Singh for her valuable opinion.
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Check out the book at Amazon:


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I’m happy to share with all the readers that one of my contemporary romances, Against All Rules will be free to download at Amazon for the next five days.


You can download it here from tomorrow till 29th Dec. Amazon.com time
Happy reading!
Have a Merry Christmas and a successful and happy New Year!