Book Release Day for Physiology of Love #romance #novella

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I’m happy to share the book release of Physiology of Love with all of you. Hope you’ll check it out and enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed penning this novella. It’s the story of Dr. Aashita and Dr. Hardik, professors working in a medical institute who struggle to find their HEA. In the pandemic times, it didn’t look like it would see the published status, but thankfully it got done and is now up at Amazon kindle. Yay! Excuse me for the happy dance 🙂


Sharing below the details of the book.


Dr. Hardik Kashyap is looking forward to a new job and to deepen his friendship with lovely Dr. Aashita when he joins as HOD in Physiology at Central Medical Institute. Unfortunately, his expectations smash to bits. His start at his new post is far from amiable, and as for Dr. Aashita, she sends a shower of angry sparks his way at every meeting.
He is willing to keep things at the friendship level, but it seems nothing works with her.
As a physiologist, he’s well versed in the regulations of the body functions and the working of the mind, but he just can’t seem to get a handle on the physiology of love.


‘Please, Aashita, let’s discuss this calmly –’
She cast him a smoldering glance and he corrected hastily, ‘Dr. Aashita – ma’am. Why don’t you sit down?’
‘I can listen just as well standing.’ She stood upright and folded her arms. ‘So why exactly did you change the schedule?’
Hardik looked at her, still not believing she’d gone into this attacking mode. He spread his hands in a pacifying gesture. ‘I thought we could work together, you know, seeing how well we got along when you came for the exam at my college. We enjoyed the same food choices together and went sight-seeing and trekking…’ He waited for a reaction and tagged on, ‘I still have the pinecones you painted one evening. Wasn’t that fun?’ When she stiffened and didn’t make any reply, he tried again, spreading his hands in a placating way, ‘As the Head, it’s my job to assign the classes –’
‘So you came prepared to walk all over everyone.’ She unfolded an arm to make a walking gesture with two fingers on his desk top that at any other moment would have been comical. But confronted with her snapping gaze, laughter was the last thing on his mind. ‘Very well, if that’s your way, I should learn to put up with it.’
‘No! Aashita, listen –’ Hardik tried to find the words, but she was gone. He half rose then sat down again. A frown creased his forehead. It hadn’t been his fault that she didn’t get the schedule and the words were completely uncalled for. How could he understand what had made her do this? A slow anger at her unjustified rage began to simmer within him.


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It’s now live! Release day: The Eligible Princess

Happy to share that I am celebrating two events today. My birthday and book release day!


We were up at midnight when hubby and kids surprised me with ice cream! I guess a fitting way to welcome a summer birthday 😀

I’m absolutely in bliss sharing the cover pic of the new release

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On the occasion of this double celebration, I’m giving away a copy of ebook Unexpected Valentines – short story collection. Use contact me page on this site to let me know if you want a copy 🙂

Have a fun week, folks!!! Do check out The Eligible Princess and spread the word about the release. That would just make my day 🙂

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The Kamboj Princesses Saga continues with Rukmani’s sister Lakshaya… 

King Kartikeya must marry a princess. He’s determined to do anything to keep the kingdom that he has taken with strategy and sheer guts. If that involves charming a princess into marriage, then so be it. 
Princess Lakshaya infinitely prefers the study of her scientific experiments to the learning of the arts of impressing a suitor. In fact, she would rather have no more proposals at all. But refusing a king as opulent as Kartik is out of question. Drawn against her will by the force of his attraction, she begins to accept him, only to discover hidden secrets along the way. 

Can she bring herself to go ahead with this marriage? 

Set in the Early Middle Ages in India, Book 2 in the Kamboj Princesses Saga follows Lakshaya in her journey to discover desire, passion, intrigue and love.

Thanks everyone for joining in. I’m off now to chose the dress hubby’s promised me as a birthday present 🙂

Sharing a virtual piece of cake with you all!


#Bookrelease Day – Unexpected Valentines – a short story collection basedon #Valentinesday

Hi folks! Hopping with excitement here because today is the book release day for Unexpected Valentines – stories to make you believe in love!

Happily, things have worked out so that the release day for this collection of love stories coincides with the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s day, giving us yet another reason to celebrate romance!

Check out this cover 🙂


It’s available on Amazon at

Here’s something about the book:

Love can be found at the most unexpected places, with unlikely people. Your heart might be searching for love but when love finally hits, it shies away from committing. 
What are the barriers that keep two people away, even when perfect love is just within reach? 
Explore the ways love can be discovered. Celebrate romance with this quick read ideal for romance fiction lovers.

Stories in this collection:

Unexpected Valentine

The Magic Within

Love at loggerheads

Chained to Shadows

Right or Wrong

Coffee and Clashes

Hooded Desire

Soak in romance between these pages. Check out Unexpected Valentines…meeting of unlikely lovers:

Have a lovely Valentine’s day! ♥