His Christmas Surprise

His Christmas Surprise is Book 2 in Christmas Romance series. It can be read on its own as it’s a complete story. It’s a heartwarming story, featuring two people who are trying to manage their kids on their own.


She stole his Christmas dinner and left him with a kiss.

Dan Tollinger is having a bad Christmas. His wife lost her battle with cancer and he’s finding it hard to manage his two sons. Busy with his shop he has little time left for them, so having a woman around to keep an eye on them seems like an ideal solution.

Tonya needs premises to run her business after her bakery got damaged in a fire. With a son to bring up on her own, the sensible option is to accept Dan’s job offer to housekeep while putting her business back on the track.

Neither counted on the unexpected warmth and awareness that sprang up between them. Would it be wise to let it kindle to desire and then something more?

Especially when his sons are not ready to accept her in his life.

Book 2 in Christmas romance series, His Christmas Surprise is the story of Jay’s brother Dan. It’s not in continuity with Book 1 and is a standalone romance.
For you if you like to read family oriented romances with a bit of sensuality on the side.


Dan changed the gears with more practice than attention and turned the rover onto the main road, with half of his mind on the task.

The car’s spacious interior was suddenly cramped. And hot.

He’d been determined not to look at Tonya. He’d avoided a glance at her, even at the party. But then, her laughter caught his attention and somehow his gaze had found her. Flared sleeves that left tantalizing ovals on her shoulders showcasing bare skin. The navy colored dress which might have been severe but wasn’t. Molding her curves, then flaring out at her knees to her ankles. She had piled up her hair. The neck was demure, the cloth softly draping the swell of her breasts. His glance tangled with her gaze and his mind went blank. For a moment, he wasn’t a grown man in control, but a teenager in the throes of his first crush.

The memory of his reaction brought a scowl to his face. He had no business thinking like that about the woman who was, after all, working for him. It should be strictly business with them.

Yet the recollection fluttered in his mind, in that half which didn’t listen so closely to what he was trying to tell it. The memory of twinkling lights, a house half in darkness, a soft warm form coming close and sending unexpected sparkle in someone who had nothing but coldness left in him…

No. He wasn’t going to think about that.



“I loved the pace of the book, which was sometimes fast and sometimes slow, it actually gave me sometime to catch up.

Will there be a part three????”

– Arti, book reviewer, at her blog, Metroreader

“2 Christmases for the price of 1”

– Wendy Jones, at Amazon UK review.

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