#Nanowrimo Bravehearts Let’s hear Your Plots


The first of November brings the beginning of a kind of madness for a large number of people the world over. They are an intrepid but overzealous lot who live in the false impression that they can stay normal and still win this whale of a writing comp known as Nanowrimo which is spoken of in awed accents in the writerly circles.
If you have participated earlier then you know that the words ‘crazy’ and ‘Nanowrimo’ are synonyms. Have you been still lost to reason enough to participate? Well, I have anyway. I confess, I couldn’t resist it. It’s crazy chaos but it helped me finish two writing projects, one of which is now published! That is Book2 in the Princesses Saga, The Eligible Princess.

So I’m prepared for a mad racy November.

Are you? 🙂

I’m going to take a shot on writing my new historical, the third in the Princesses Saga, that is the story of warrior princess Liya. Keep checking back here for updates 🙂

If you are bitten the bullet as well, then you must have some idea of what you want to write. Let’s hear what you have planned or plotted till now. In the comments, you can share the blurb, outline or synopsis or even just jntroduce the characters. Let us know what you are going to be writing for Nanowrimo.
All the best, Nanowrimo bravehearts! Keep at it and you will win the day! 🙂

Just Write. How??? Seven Tips to Get Your Writing into Gear

Recently I had to face several changes at workplace. They meant having to put in more hours at work. It has become harder to find quality family time, let alone leisure. In this upheaval, guess what got pushed to the bottom of the priority list? Writing.
We are often told: Just write. But finding time and inspiration is the hardest thing to deal with if you are not a full time writer. So this post is mainly for people who are struggling to handle writing as a secondary career.
It’s relatively easy to stare at a blank screen, munching popcorn or nibbling cookies, when you have the whole day stretching out in front of you. Ideas pour in with speed, in a relaxed mind. But when you are feeling frazzled, forgetting which lid to put on which jar, running behind on daily chores, should you give up writing?
Well, I don’t plan to. I’m going to take some time off it certainly, but not too much. When you are busy, even when you get the time, it’s hard to feel inspired to write. A movie or even channel surfing is far easier on the mind than facing the nerve wracking ordeal of world building, character charting or smoothing out plot holes.

Sometimes I feel Just Write is a piece of advice that wasn’t meant for me. Have you had those days? It’s okay for experienced writers to say show up at your desk like writing is a job. But when you can’t wade through ‘life things’ to even get to the desk? What then?

Let’s face it. Writing takes time to become profitable. If you don’t have the luxury of not having to work, with the present publishing scene you can’t just quit your job to write. Writing isn’t like any other career change. It requires patience and luck.

I have been thinking about all this when my routine went haywire. Here’s what I have found to make writing work for me.

Get in the mood.
It’s best to have your writing corner marked out. Have some space that is just for writing. When you have just half an hour or fifteen minutes, you don’t want to spend it looking for your laptop and searching for your inspiration board. The second reason the writing corner is useful is it sends out a clear message of Do not Disturb. In time, your family will learn to respect that and give you more of those precious writing minutes.

Connect with nature. Walk. Even stroll. Take some time to listen to the bird song and eye the green colour. There is a reason why they say green is restful. It allows you to go back to the wild where we all came from. When the demands of civilisation impose, take a few minutes to escape and smell the roses. Or even lilies. Or hibicus. Take your pick. It will boost your creativity by nourishing your subconscious.

Read. It’s very important to let the thoughts of other authors, their story craft or even the sentence structure to seep into your mind. It allows you to pick out words which you want when you want them. It helps you to hone your characters and your story craft.

Discipline. Are you reaching out for the candy crush icon on your phone more than for the keyboard? It’s okay to be mindless once in a while but don’t get sucked into laziness. Give yourself a pep talk and open your wip file. Don’t give yourself the excuse of just one more try. Or ten minutes more on social media. You need to get writing Now.

Don’t add to your stress. Don’t make unrealistic goals. If you can hardly make time to write, there’s no point in creating a deadline for yourself. If you are busy, give yourself points for even 250 words per day. You’ll be surprised how they add up. Or you can do what I did. Took up editing of an old work. If you’re feeling too rushed to write, take time to hone your editing skills. Always handy to have them.

Establish a routine. Routine are the best way to get things done. If you write 500 words after lunch for a week, you’ll find yourself doing it automatically. Pick a time when you are likely to be undisturbed. Stick to it.

Think of it as an escape. When life gets overwhelmingly busy, writing can offer a beautiful calmness. Don’t make it into a chore. Rather think of it as taking time off and putting your feet up. Don’t go after serious earthshaking plots. Learn to enjoy and narrate whatever pops into your mind. You can chisel and carve later.

Hope this will help the writer in the busy person you have become to emerge from hiding.

What are your tips to get going when life gets busy? How do you balance ‘life’ things with writing time?

It’s now live! Release day: The Eligible Princess

Happy to share that I am celebrating two events today. My birthday and book release day!


We were up at midnight when hubby and kids surprised me with ice cream! I guess a fitting way to welcome a summer birthday 😀

I’m absolutely in bliss sharing the cover pic of the new release

Buy link:

On the occasion of this double celebration, I’m giving away a copy of ebook Unexpected Valentines – short story collection. Use contact me page on this site to let me know if you want a copy 🙂

Have a fun week, folks!!! Do check out The Eligible Princess and spread the word about the release. That would just make my day 🙂

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The Kamboj Princesses Saga continues with Rukmani’s sister Lakshaya… 

King Kartikeya must marry a princess. He’s determined to do anything to keep the kingdom that he has taken with strategy and sheer guts. If that involves charming a princess into marriage, then so be it. 
Princess Lakshaya infinitely prefers the study of her scientific experiments to the learning of the arts of impressing a suitor. In fact, she would rather have no more proposals at all. But refusing a king as opulent as Kartik is out of question. Drawn against her will by the force of his attraction, she begins to accept him, only to discover hidden secrets along the way. 

Can she bring herself to go ahead with this marriage? 

Set in the Early Middle Ages in India, Book 2 in the Kamboj Princesses Saga follows Lakshaya in her journey to discover desire, passion, intrigue and love.

Thanks everyone for joining in. I’m off now to chose the dress hubby’s promised me as a birthday present 🙂

Sharing a virtual piece of cake with you all!


My #2014 – Summerita Rhayne

I’m sharing thoughts about 2014 on Devika Fernando’s blog.
My 2014 – Summerita Rhayne

Many thanks Devika for inviting me to share my thoughts about 2014. 

As I sit writing this post it’s 31st December on the calendar. And what pops into my mind is: Poor 2014! Or for that matter, any old year. We’re so busy ushering in the New one, we forget to say goodbye to the Old one properly. From mid December, ‘Happy New Year’ starts coming easily from everyone’s mouth. But the year gone by, the mistakes we made… we prefer to forget it all. Maybe there are some lessons hidden in there, something to be learnt from how we have been, which can make 2015 more golden?   

This is why a reflection post like this one is so opportune, a way of paying homage to The Gone Year, excuse the pun 🙂 
For me, the year 2014 brought several changes. My kids went on to higher classes which meant they became busier in studies. With the pressure of competitive exams, finding outdoor time has become problematic for them these days. Enrolling them in some activities seemed to be a good solution. It started with tennis but didn’t work out so now child no. 2 is trying out dance and finding it better fun. We missed on summer vacation. A family wedding and all the ‘big fat wedding’ factor involved did make up a bit. You could say, staying up all night and feeling like a zombie the next day is definitely a change from routine! We had a healthy discussion at my workplace whether Hindu weddings ought to be shifted to daytime. I’m afraid I’m rather old fashioned in this and despite the discomfort, prefer the romantic aura of midnight weddings! 🙂

Before this turns into a rambling post, I must share an exciting change that 2014 brought. This was my shift into self publishing. I’ve been published traditionally and loved it except for a few factors. By the way, the stint in self publishing has made me appreciate a lot what publishers do for authors. All one has to do in that case is writing the book and let them take over except where marketing is concerned. However, I have found I love self publishing even more. It gives you total control on the whole process – from writing to the moment the book is ready. I’ve learnt a LOT about that process. I share some of the rudiments here on how to publish on Amazon. Currently I’m putting out my book on Smashwords and looking into other sites. For someone who didn’t even know Word properly, though I did a three month course on it – didn’t practice much then –  to have come to design my book cover and format the book for electronic and print, it is big step forward. I learnt more about readers’ engagement, about selling on Amazon… about not obsessively checking sale reports! 😉 With my second book out, I’m making steady progress though and am hopeful. Every time a sale shows up on the graph, it makes my heart swell with pride because I have had such a big part in the creation of that work. Not all my doing of course, because it’s all thanks to the resources I had.  But still, creativity in whatever form – that’s what art is about. 

This is definitely turning into a word sprawl of a post. I’m sure this isn’t what Devika had in mind when she invited me to guest post. But I can’t leave without sharing something of even more importance. So do stick around if you don’t mind the buzz of words.  

2014 also brought a change in my ‘life’ perspective
Read the rest here:



Wish you all a Very Happy New Year!

#WIP #Blog Challenge — Sneak Peek into my Current Writing Project

Work in Progress Blog Challenge is to let the cat out of the bag on what you are currently working on.

I’m guilty of genre hopping with my next work. After Against All Rules, which is contemporary through and through, it is strange that my Muse has latched onto a historical, but so it is and sometimes all you can do is go with the flow. So this is how Hidden Passion came about.

My current and hopefully, soon to be released, project is a historical romance set in the Early Middle Ages in India. It is a sort of tribute to all the Maharaja and rajkumaris tales I used to gobble from Amar Chitra Kathain. If you’ve read those, you’ll know what I mean.

Who isn’t fascinated by the ancient period of palaces, chariots, kings, battles and the grandeur of royalty? In my story, Rukmani is a princess, the youngest of the Kamboj beauties and she has fallen for Deveshwaraya, King of Campavati, who’s totally wrong for her. Can royalty with command over everything, also face troubles? For that check out:

Hidden Passion

…when the walls of monarchical politics rise high between them, will her passion prevail?….


(picture credits to Angelina Kastratovich http://angy995.deviantart.com/)

For this post, I was nominated by the Harlequin romance writer, Adite Banerjie, to participate. Here are the rules:

1) Provide the link back to the post by the person who nominated you.
2) Write a little about your work-in-progress.
3) Give the first sentences of the first three chapters of your current WIP.
4) Nominate four other writers for the challenge.

Here are the first sentences of the first three chapters of Hidden Passion :

First chapter : 

The moment he stepped into the sabha, the informal gathering he had assembled under a marquee in the verdant palace lawns for his guests, Rukmani felt her breath trap in her throat.

Second chapter:

Rukmani felt exhilarated, her spirits rising with each clop clop of the horses’ hooves.

Third Chapter: 

‘You wouldn’t want your kingdom to go to war just to have your choice of a husband, would you?’ He said softly.

Do let me know how you found the chapter starts. Hope you enjoyed the sneak peek. Stay tuned for more news on this by following this blog via email or you can follow me on Twitter @SummeritaRhayne


And now I tag four writers to take part:

Reet Singh

Cassandra L Shaw

Kiru Taye

Aarti V Raman

 Looking forward to your posts, folks! 🙂

Summer, books and Addictive Summer Reads Event blog hop

There’s something to be said for spending a lazy summer day immersed in a gripping intense story, with a pitcher of something cool by your side and housework and other demands of daily life put on a standby mode. *sigh* summer was meant to be spent this way, not doing yucky things like work or housework or even keyboard work. Don’t you agree?

Well, talking of books, there are summer giveaways going on and an exciting one is just a scroll down away. Check out the Addictive Summer Reads blog hop. A lot of cool giveaways await you and what’s more, prizes from the Addictive Reads authors total over a $100 in gift cards. An awesome range of discounted and free books from a variety of genres make it an interesting mix.





The Blog hop is from 27th – 30th June, so make sure you don’t miss it.

Here’s the link http://www.addictivereads.com/events/summer-2014/  Check it out.

In my news, I’ve been working on the final edits of Tahir and Samara’s story. I’ve been getting great input from writer friends and it makes me realize yet again that anything you do is never just your own effort but many many people have their input in making your project – dream- come true. A thank you just doesn’t seem adequate but that’s the only way to express what I feel, so a big thank you. You know who you are. Wishing all of you a cool summer. Wish me luck for the forthcoming launch of my book. It’s still some time away but I can use all the wishes I can gather both for the psychological energy boost as well as to make positive all the random factors in universe which watch over things.

Meanwhile, I’ll dream of that pitcher of something cold and a lazy summer day spent with a gripping read…until I finish the edits it doesn’t seem to have any possibility of materializing *sigh*

What about you? What’s your favorite way of spending a hot summer day? 🙂

The #LeibsterAward blog hop post


Liebster Award Nomination

Thank you, Devika Fernando, for nominating my website for the Liebster Blog Award! This looks like fun, and I love it when authors / bloggers support each other.


The Rules

  1. Link back and thank the blogger who nominated you in your post.
  2. List 11 facts about yourself.
  3. Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you.
  4. Pick 5 – 10 new bloggers (must have less than 300 followers) to nominate and ask them 11 new questions. Do not re-nominate the blogger that nominated you.
  5. Go to each new blogger’s site and inform them of their nomination.To learn more about the Liebster Award, check out this post by Lorraine Reguly.


11 random facts about myself

  1. In college, I would often sketch cartoony characters when the professors were teaching. Also play tic-tac-toe. Yeah, some lectures were really boring 😉
  2. I used to make cross stitch patterns and get them framed.   wpid-20140520_115109.jpg
  3. I’m still learning to drive. I’ve got a lot better than I was! 😉
  4. I analyse everything.
  5. Also worry over most things.
  6. I like restaurant food better.
  7. I don’t like rash driving or loud music.
  8. I like to spend quiet time reading or watching a romcom.
  9. I sometimes have fun in writing by making my characters do funny things.
  10. I lose track of time while writing.
  11. I would love to write a murder mystery.

Questions asked by Devika

1.  Name three secrets that you never told anyone.

Can’t think of even one, let alone three. I mean I may not share everything with everyone, but do share different things with different people who are close to me.

2. If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you would do?  
Buy a luxury villa, and buy all the books of my favourite authors and author friends. Also tour the world.

3. Looking over the last ten years, what is one goal you have achieved and one that you have not achieved?  
I’ve got published and got promoted at work, so that’s on the achieved list. I’m still to reach the target of earning big through writing.

4. What are your plans for retirement? And will you travel, if so where and why?  
I would like to retire in a hilly place with lots of greenery and a quiet sort of life. Travel…well, anywhere where I’ve not been before would do. Well, obviously somewhere scenic.

5. Favorite drink on a Friday night?
I guess what I drink every night. Milk. No alcohol for me. And sometimes I don’t have an off on Saturday, so no tea/coffee as it keeps me awake.

6. What do you think the secret is to a good marriage or relationship with a significant other is?  
Don’t have a different set of rules for them than yourself. If you overlook your own mistakes, cut them some slack too. And above all, encourage your partner in what they want to do.

7. Name three words that describe your personality.  
Procrastinating, confused, forgetful…oh I have many more adjectives like those.

8. Home-cooked meal or take-out? 
I like to cook for my family but at weekends one does like to take a break.

9. When was the last time you blogged and what was the topic? 
Yesterday. It’s a #sexysnippet from my wip https://summeritarhayne.wordpress.com/2014/05/18/sexysnippet-from-tahir-and-samaras-story/

10. What do you think the key is to happiness? 
Happiness occurs in random slices. The key to happiness is getting what you are aiming for at that moment. It doesn’t always happen, so the second option is try to grin and bear it as much as you can and put in your energy in the next battle. Enjoy your time with your family.

11. Who is your favorite poet and why? 
Shakespeare. Read this and you’ll agree 🙂 http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/all-the-world-s-a-stage/

Questions asked by Me

I think the above questions are quite interesting so I will ask my tagged friends to answer these. 🙂 Skip any you don’t like and add any you’d like to!



My Liebster Nominations

Natasha Ahmed


Maeve Grayson


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Bhargavi Balachandran


Candy Hornbeam


Those not blogging at the moment will be posting on Facebook.

Anyone else who wants to participate, consider yourself tagged 🙂