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Hi folks,

Today I’m taking stock of what I have done in recent days and what I’m going for next.

Recently I completed two books for my historical series, A Twist of Fate and A Secret Tie. This meant a lot to me because this was solid writing progress. I started both the books last year and then got stuck and moved to something else. When I came back, a fresh look revealed the stumbling blocks and I was able to resuming writing with speed. In fact, A Secret Tie required only one and a half month to complete. It was done upto 14k last year and I finally finished at 78k. So, those were some productive days writing wise. But then Hitaksha and Yashita were intriguing characters with lots of conflict to write about and their adventures in the ancient kingdoms were quite fun.

Now for what’s next.

At the moment, I’m expanding the first book in the series. Since the second and third are novel length, and now I have a fuller grasp of the characters, I want to write in more detail of the first one, Against the Tide. It seems odd to go back to the same series, but after writing the last two books, I felt I hadn’t done justice to Jayat and Lohana, so you might say, I want to give their romance more footage, lol. I might release the newly written book as a second edition. I don’t know if adding about 20k words to the first edition of the book would be all right. Any thoughts? You can share in the comments. I think it could pose problem with the reviews which have been posted already.

So, what’s going on with your projects – writing or otherwise? Do share! I think it will help to keep track how much we get done.

Hope you have a productive week.


About #LawsofAttraction #Hollywood #movie and other romcoms – A personal opinion

Do you love romcoms? I do! I usually find chocolate or brownies or a cuppa coffee good accompaniments to a romantic comedy flick – a surefire way to relax after a busy day at work.

Recently however, I found that instead of relaxing, I was stirrred up and annoyed. 

I have watched countless Hollywood and Bollywood (Indian Hindi) movies  – romances amd romcoms – where the heroine is depicted strong, independent and able to have her opinion – until she meets the hero and gradually changes into just putty. There’s a long period when she denies she could be attracted to him and then she succumbs amd instantly you find subtle changes in her – in her make up, her hair – instead of being tied up neatly in a severe bun, her hair come down, her dressing style changes to more fluffy and feminine, she does more make up or winds down or becomes adventurous or something.

Now I’m an avid romance reader, writer amd a romantic. But I don’t get why the woman’s whole personality should change when she falls in love. As though she was wrong before. As though being strong and independent are traits she must ditch in order to discover falling for the hero which is her ultimate destiny and these traits are standing in her way to do so.

The second objection of mine is to the softer, more made up look. She definitely gets a new wardrobe. Why does she need a complete makeover while the hero continues as blithely as before? The obvious point is that falling in love affects women more, that she was somehow on the wrong side of the fence and now discovers what she can be.

Laws of Attraction, which I watched recently, is a similar case in point. Entertaining and full of eminently watchable Peirce Brosnan it might be, but maybe it’s the era it was set in. Times have changed, but it is that particular outlook I’m commenting on. He is always right at every point in the movie, even when he uses unscrupulous means to get his way. She’s just wrong. She’s right only when she realizes she must beg for his apology for refusing his love. The last line, 80% of women are really lonely…just about made me go arrghh! Why can’t be a woman happy and settled and still find love?

If you watch Bollywood romantic flicks, you can pick up the character transition almost straightaway. In the older movies, the heroine would start wearing traditional clothing instead of western which she wore before falling for the hero, depictig she’s now ready for domesticity. I can’t name one right now, but maybe you can think of it, there are quite a few around.

Have you felt the same way about some romcoms? Watched Laws of Attraction recently? Loved it and disagree with what I said?

In contrast, while No Reservations (another one I watched recently) followed a similar pattern, at least the story made sense and didn’t put hero in the right even when he was in the wrong. A much more enjoyable movie – though the end left me fretting about out the kid’s studies. I wish they’d also shown her taking interest in school, because she had been shown ignoring it. But that’s probably the anxious mom inside me and a topic for another day.

Do you think being strong and independent excludes a woman from finding love? Do you like heroes to also fail sometimes and not be faultless and know-it-all? Any movies which you watched and felt had similar issues?

Do you think the expectations from a romcom are changing with the times?

Is your productivity dependent on someone else being busy?

I, like most of us, like to maintain good relations with my work mates. We often take breaks together, have tea and catch up of each other’s news. But every so often, we spend time talking and one thing leads to another subject. That piece of news that you have to give an opinion on. That rule of the management that you have to rant on, and so on. I didn’t realize I was taking so much time off until one day, I found myself thinking, today so and so will be busy, so I will save time from chatting and get xyz done.

We often find it hard to tear ourselves away from that cosy chitchat, but if you find you are losing time in which you could have got things done, accomplished your goals, then do something about it.

What can you do:

1) Set up an alarm:

This is the most effective way that I have known to work. You want to take a doughnut break, fine. Give yourself a reasonable time interval and set an alarm. Easy to do with the phone these days. Discipline yourself to heed it and get back to work after it rings. If you planned to write or do some task, schedule a time for it and at least get started on it when your phone beeps.

2) Tell each other to keep it short:

You can ask your workmate to nudge you a reminder that so and so tasks are pending. You can return the favour.

3) Make lists

List making is always useful. At the start of your day, make a list of five tasks you must get done. When you have work looming over you in the form of an item waiting to be ticked off, you will find yourself hurrying to get it done.

Find what works for you and most of all, keep track of your time.

You don’t have to isolate yourself to be efficient, but every now and then, do try to distance yourself from indulging in gossip and keep things from joining the procrastination list.

Happy #WorldPoetryDay, Happy #Nowruz, folks! Happy #blogiversary and happy #bookpublishingday to me

What an exciting day today is! Many occasions falling together. Let me wish you all Happy World Poetry Day! Also a very Happy Nowruz, Persian New Year to those who celebrate it.

Today is my third blogiversary so Happy blogiversary and happy book publishing day to me as I hit publish today after an amount of feeling jittery and jumpy. His Christmas Surprise, Book 2 of Christmas Romance series, will be out soon!

On World Poetry Day, I put together something for my writers’ group FWBA, that I would like to share here.  I don’t usually write poetry so do excuse the floundering 🙂

Write something that shakes the false beliefs
and challenges the dusty claims
Write something that renews the inheritance
of the Earth we have got
Write with courage, hope and originality
which unfailingly aims
To banish darkness of ancient, moldy wisdom
and celebrates new thought


Write more and create to inspire. Happy writing!

Update: The book link is now live! https://www.amazon.com/His-Christmas-Surprise-romance-Book-ebook/dp/B06XS6XZ7J 

Happy New Year 2017

The start of this year or rather the ending of the last was a really busy time for me. I hardly had time to muse about 2016 ending and the new one starting. We had relatives visting and an older person at home needed attention so writing and blogging had to be put on shelf. Now I’m into 2017 and still to wish my blog-reading friends…so here’s a very happy New Year to you all.

The holidays have ended and that puts me back in the routine. My current wip characters are pleased at least because over the holidays my writing word count had dropped to about ten per day :p If you’re back to your workday, you know how one needs acclimatising after being away, so I’m still at odds with the wip and the rest of the writing thing. However, I’m confident the characters will be more amenable to telling me what they think and feel after being put on hold.

Have you found your writing speed better or worse after a break? I usually find it has improved.

Hope you’re getting on well with your wip if you write.

Something exciting to share is that four books of mine are in the top 100 paid in their respective categories at Amazon.

Second Chance At Forever at #72


His Christmas Delight at #76


Against All Rules at #27


The Eligible Princess at #33


Check them out at http://www.amazon.com/Summerita-Rhayne/e/B00MZQ0PUC

So here’s wishing you success and happiness in the shining and glossy new year. Keep reading and writing and do share your thoughts in the comments.

Guest post by Michele Smarty – A trip around the world of coffee aromas #coffeelovers

Today I have something different on my blog, a blog post for coffee lovers! Have you wondered about coffee tastes in different countries? Michele Smarty will share how coffee types vary from country to country. Please welcome author and blogger Michele Smarty.

Over to Michele.


Do you want to enjoy a beautiful trip, while sitting on a simple couch?

Through this article, you can enjoy a fantastic trip around the world of coffee aromas while sitting in your room, lounge or anywhere.

Here, I am going to tell you about the best coffee aromas around the world through which you can easily observe the various coffee tastes of different countries and cultures.


In U.S., people are fond of drinking all kinds of caffeinated drinks but most of the people prefers espresso one.  Many mugs are boiled with Arabica coffee beans which contain lesser sugar. According to the studies, it’s been clear that coffee beans are roasted through a brewing process; it increases the level of antioxidant which prevents you from the damage of oxidizing agents.


Mexican coffee is traditionally presented in a clay pot with cookies, which is the natural form of sugarcane. With a total deficit of processed ingredients, Café de Olla is a super fresh coffee option, but bewares of its high sugar count. It may hide the taste of sour beans for non-coffee lovers amongst us, but it shouldn’t replace your daily cup


We don’t have to visit France to enjoy Parisian coffee (which has become a Starbucks standard in the States). Unlike other coffee cups are served here, popular café au lait is served with warm foamed milk which is garnished on the top of a small coffee. Make it decaf and café au lait become a good alternative to a cup of lukewarm milk before bed.


In Turkey, coffee is boiled instead of brewing, as it includes more heart-healthy nutrients like polyphenols, which help to guard arteries. This coffee is popular for its dark and strong taste.


In Morocco coffee is made up of a nutmeg mixture, which includes spice and sesame seeds. This java combines an additional flavorful punch. As a powerful antioxidant that protects us from damaging the oxidizing agents, some studies have discovered that nutmeg also serves as an antidepressant (mitigate the depression).


Coffee lovers should agree on one thing that Italians know their coffee. So we’re prepared to hold a free mind and try to make our espresso like the Roman’s way, which they have been serving it for years: with lemon. Espresso is served with a small slice of lemon; it first spread around the rim of the cup and then allowed to steep. A lemon not only enhances the flavor but it also creeps in a boost of vitamin C.


In cold weather, coffee usage in Denmark has eternally escalated and leading in the world. Coffee is such an important part of the Denmark’s culture that compact the cafes located on approximately every street corner, particularly in cities such as Copenhagen.

About the Author:

Michele 3

Michele Smarty is a novelist and a fantastic freelance contributor writer at many popular websites e.g. Words I Seek. She loves to provide a useful information, amazing journeys or stories and interesting facts on multifarious vast topics and new trends to her readers.


Article at Bonobology site #relationships

I’m on Bonobology site. Have a piece published there about an arranged marriage going wrong. Come and visit…and share your views.


Do leave comments on there.
Thanks for reading – and I hope – sharing.

Celebrating #InternationalWomensDay with a #giveaway

Let’s celebrate International Women’s Day, by recalling the women who have inspired us.
There are many women who hold my respect, but today I’m thinking especially of my mother and my mother-in-law. My mother had one clear goal in her life which was to get her daughters well settled in life. All her life, she worked tirelessly towards this. My father was often away and she had to see to the household as well as hold down a job. Whatever my sisters and I have achieved, we owe it to her. My mother-in-law is completely devoted to home though she worked as a teacher before her retirement. I’ve seen how she has faced health issues and other things without flinching, and time and again, has got back to her normal life by what often seems sheer will. I think I’m influenced by these two women quite deeply in my life and all my commitment to my family springs from that inspiration.

Which women have figured as inspiring people in your life? Alternatively, what’s your definition of a strong woman? Just answer any of these two simple questions to enter today’s giveaway. You can give examples from real life and/or fiction. One of the commenters will win both the books in the Indian Princesses Saga, featuring the princesses Lakshaya and Rukmani, female heroes who aren’t afraid to go after and stand up for what they want, even in the restricted society of the early medieval period in India.





Looking forward to your responses.

Cover reveal His Christmas Delight by Summerita Rhayne

Happy to share the cover reveal of my latest, His Christmas Delight, a Christmas story. It’s not the season for a Christmas themed book but, well, why not. Myra and Jay are two characters who had to have their story told, though I must say the tale leans more towards Jay’s side as he struggles not just with PTSD but also with rediscovering his old crush. Returning to his homeplace after a long time, he finds that Myra, the girl he was once in love with, has feelings for him, but he’s not looking for commitment any more.
Will they find their happy-ever-after?
Sharing the blurb with you.

Caught by Santa!

For Myra, Christmas means supporting her friends. They rallied round getting her back on her feet after she lost Pete, her husband, so she’s always ready to help any of them. No matter to what lengths the challenge makes her go. Only she didn’t expect to find Santa almost catching her in her wrongdoings. Then she finds that the handsome Santa is Jay, her old high school friend. Now he’s changed from a gangly geek to an attractive stranger. After missing out on the dating scene for a long time after losing Pete, she feels the first stirring of desire. But Jay is playing hot and cold, refusing to admit the attraction sizzling between them.

He’s back in Goa just for Christmas

Jay knew Myra as his best friend’s girl. Now Pete is gone, but Jay is finding difficult to let go of the scars he picked up in Coast Guard service. He’s home only to help revive his brother’s toy shop. When he finds himself making excuses to stay, he knows he’s crossing the limits he’d set himself. What’s the purpose in taking this further when he knows he cannot be the one to give her the happiness she deserves?  But no matter how hard he tries, the scorching flames of wanting only seem to get stronger. How can he keep on denying the attraction between them when she insists on coming close?
Preorder Link at Amazon:


Goodreads link:



Thanks for taking time to read about this story and joining me in the cover reveal of this special short novel.

Winner #Flashfiction #contest Love Lost and Found #Bonobology

My story won the Love Lost and Found flash fiction contest at the Bonobology site. It’s called Rediscovery.
I’m excited about this event for two reasons.
First, I’ve never tried to write Flash fiction before. I’ve attempted to do it in my head. I’ve looked at posts. But I thought this was beyond me. Just one of those things you can’t get a hang of.
As writers we should be able to write all forms regardless of the length of the piece. Of course each writer has their own comfort zone but that should be a choice, not need.
I thought I could just not write concisely enough. I tried automatic word generator. I tried prompts from helpful people. But if I got writing, it ended up a novella or a short story. Finally I have something that is short length and conveys an idea of the story rather than the story itself.
A lot of the inclination to write had to do with the romance genre feel of the prompts. I can conclude that it might help if you write in the genre you like.
The second reason I’m so happy about this win is that I wrote it in a totally spur of the moment kind of way. I was travelling by car and mulled over the idea in my mind. Then I clicked the bare outline on phone. For a while I thought I couldn’t possibly finish it as certain demands imposed on me hampered me. But by midnight I got the idea edited and was even able to hit send!
I’ve written faster than this but never conceptualised a story faster. So this was another reason to feel happy.

If you like, you can read the story and leave a comment here:

Thank you!