#TeaserTuesday #excerpt from #AverasUnraveling #paranormalromance

Sharing a #TeaserTuesday snippet for my new book on preorder #AverasUnraveling, a #steamy #Paranormal #romance.
She was left bristling and indignant. ‘How could you? I don’t know you and I certainly don’t want a drink from you. You can have that by yourself.’ Truly angry now, having got over her earlier weakness, she started to huff off.
‘Wait.’ His hand closed over her upper arm, and she stalled. Had to, as feeling climbed over her skin. His touch was warm, electric and she sensed it again, the aura that threatened to reach out and envelop her. Despite herself, she stopped and looked at him more closely under the bolder lights as the revolving spotlight flashed their way. Tanned skin stretched over the angles of his face, his mouth wide, sensuous, humorous all at once. A square chin with an absolutely die-for sexy cleft. Those eyes. Something glowed in their gold-brown depths, dangerously alluring.
‘A drink won’t kill you. And if you’re so worried about being beholden to me, you can repay me with a dance. I’m without a partner tonight and getting itchy feet.’
She must be mad to succumb to him. Madder because her pulse was beginning to pound and she knew what that could presage. Yet she was letting him lead her back.
If you have a new book in the offing, consider yourself tagged and share an excerpt using the hashtag in the comments.

Read the blurb for Avera’s Unraveling here and preorder it at reduced price:


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