Book Release Day: A Secret Tie #Bookreleaseday #ASecretTie #giveaway

Hi folks,

It’s book release day today for historical A Secret Tie and I’m celebrating with a giveaway here at my blog. The latest book is the third and final in the historical series and sequel to A Twist of Fate in the trilogy. πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽŠπŸŽˆπŸŽŠπŸŽ‰
It was fun writing about the journey of the three courtesans in ancient India, but now I’m happy to take a breather, because well, it was tough too. Wading through mountains of research and looking up the minutinae of the ancient culture wasn’t a walk in the park, excuse the comparison lol.

So let’s raise a glass or cup of coffee or fruit juice, whatever you like for A Secret Tie. For the giveaway, I have a small contest. You just need to write the names of heroines of all the three books in a comment on this blog and mention why you’d love to read the book. That’s it. Please note the giveaway is for the ebook in mobi file format.

Here’s the link for the book in case you want to peep into the details:

Do stop by and wish me luck for the release day!


4 thoughts on “Book Release Day: A Secret Tie #Bookreleaseday #ASecretTie #giveaway

  1. Hi
    Lohana in Againt the Tide
    charulata in Against all odds and Yashita in the secret tie.
    The way you present the book makes it so believable with all the descriptions
    All the best for the book

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  2. The first book was Against the Tide and it’s heroine was Lohana.
    Second book, A twist of Fate with Charulata as the heroine and the third book is A secret tie with Yashita as the heroine.
    I’d love to read the book because:-
    I’ve always been deeply interested in ancient India. Most book based on it aren’t romances. To find a book like this is almost a dream come true. To know that it’s so well written, with strong heroines, swoonworthy heroes and Sanskrit words and epithets was beyond what I expected. The first book I read was Against the Tide which was amazing but too short. Later, I read the eligible princess and hidden passion. When I saw A twist of Fate I was beyond delighted. With each book my appetite for these unique books has grown. I impatiently waited for A secret tie and will devour it now. And I hope there are many more books coming in this series!


    • Thanks for sharing, Aishwarya. It’s lovely to hear from you and know you loved the books. I too feel Against the Tide was too short. I might write a second edition enlarging it. I love writing in this era.


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