Interview: Author Sudesna Ghosh #TheBookClub

Author Sudesna Ghosh has her book My Singapore Fling released recently. She’s on blog tour for her book. Let us get to know her through this question and answer session.

1) What made you choose Singapore for your book’s setting?

Singapore is my favourite travel destination near my home city of Kolkata. I love the cosmopolitan environment just a four hour flight away! And with Dipa on the search for foreign accents, it’s a great choice I think.

2) What inspires you to write romance?

I started my writing career with nonfiction and then realised that I love writing stories for children. Then suddenly, I found myself making friends with several romance authors. Conversations with these friends motivated me to try my hand at the romance genre. Plus, I love reading romance novels. My Singapore Fling has been receiving great reviews and I’ve even written a Christmas romance after that!

3) Name your favourite romance author?

Sarah Morgan is my favourite romance author. I fall in love with her heroes.

4) If you didn’t write romance, what other genre would suit your writing style

Writing for children suits me well. I am an overgrown child who refuses to grow  up, so creating cute stories is fun for me.

5) What’s next in your writing repertoire?

I’ve released 5 ebooks this year on Amazon Kindle. I am taking a break now. But the next will be another romance – set in my city of Kolkata.

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