Guestpost by Olivier Lafont, author of Snowbound #TheBookClub

Please welcome Olivier Lafont at this blog. Olivier Lafont is the author of SnowBound, a Christmas related suspense book. Let us ask him to share his thoughts on Christmas and Snowbound with us.

Me: What do you like about Christmas? Did it inspire you in writing this book?

Olivier Lafont: Christmas was certainly an inspiration for ‘Snowbound’. I grew up with all the beautiful particularities of a French Christmas, and later Christmas in India and then in America. My favourite thing about Christmas is the unique glamour it casts. There’s something about that time of year, the wintry lustre that suffuses the air, the dazzling brilliance of the lights, the exuberance of the decorations… Everyone has this really wonderful feeling of peace, harmony, community, that intensifies just at Christmas time.

There is an actual magic to Christmas, that everyone feels, a feeling of hope. Historically, mythologically, winter was synonymous with death, and because of the cold and the stillness of the season, with depression. In the northern hemisphere, especially, Christmas is also a beacon against that seasonal depression. For me this was a major reason to set ‘Snowbound’ around this holiday. The premise of ‘Snowbound’ threatens to annihilate what Christmas represents, so it’s a thematically poignant idea.

In terms of building a plot to express this thematic conflict it was an interesting idea to consider Santa Claus as a kind of dynastic role. Everyone knows who Santa Claus is and what he represents. It was fun to see, in creating my fictional version of Santa Claus, how to structure and balance out the mythical and the human elements.


Truly there’s magic around Christmas, I agree and I’m intrigued by your concept of the thematic conflict. For readers of this post, if you want to check out Snowbound, take a look at the spotlight posted on this blog.

So keep reading and share what you like about what you’ve read.


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