Interview: Rubina Ramesh, author of Knitted Tales #TheBookClub

Today I have on my blog Rubina Ramesh, blogger, supporter of the written word and author of anthology, Knitted Tales.Let’s get to know her through a question and answer session.

  1. How did you become a writer, by chance or by choice?

Thank you Summerita. You are one of my inspirations. So I am totally thrilled to be on your blog today.

I am a writer by chance. I had first started writing at the age of 8. My short stories were published in a local magazine in Patna. But then Life happened and everything went for a toss. After a wave of few tragedies I realized one thing – much to the annoyance of my other family members, crying is not my cup of tea. I take out all my emotions in writing. None of my family members could understand why I was furiously scribbling away when I was supposed to show some emotion at least. I suppose very few people understand the amount of emotions we do pour out on our paper. So ya, chance it is.

  1. Are you a genre writer? Why (or why not)? Which genre appeals to you the most?

No, I am not a genre writer at all. I wish I was. That would give me a nice cushion of an audience who would be waiting for my next release. My Knitted Tales is a collection of psychological to horror tales while my Finding the Angel is an out and out Mills and Book kind of Romance. My next one is tentatively called Maya and is dark romance/ thriller while the next Rising from the Ashes is a mythology. I love all kinds of books. From children’s books to adult romance, I just love books. Period.  Except MBA books. Cannot touch another one.

  1. What makes this book special to you?

Knitted Tales is raw emotions. Written in a group of aspiring authors Wrimo India. The vibes and the criticism that I got during that time, has made me face any reviewer today without batting an eyelid. Hahahah. But yes, this book will always be special to me.

  1. A brief description of the book and its main characters.

The main characters of an anthology 😀 No Summerita, you cannot do this to me! hahaha. But if I have to answer this then I can honestly say my emotions. The day I wrote Chiclet, I had faced a problem in my daughter’s school. Not of that magnitude but it had made my overactive imagination go wild. The Hidden Staircase is an apology to my grandpa for not being there for him when he needed me most. Lolita – that is totally imaginative – so no getting ideas, please. 😀

  1. What are your writing fads or quirks?

Writing fad, if you promise not to laugh, are collecting pens. I have recently come out of the habit of writing on paper and then typing. That brings me to my quirk. I HATE typing. I am now making a conscious effort to type. If you know me well, you will my Facebook statuses sometimes full of errors. I use Dragon speech most of the time, and often slip into my desi accent 😛 The problem starts then.

6.What’s your take on these writing dilemmas? (Please specify the reason for your choice)

i) plotter or pantser: Panster – plotting takes away the fun. What is life if we live by rules. I never do. (nothing illegal please) So why should my characters follow rules?


ii) self-publish or traditional: Both. I love the independence self-publishing provides and the recognition traditional provides. The quotient is changing, but we still have a long way to go.

iii) Polished first draft or sloppy one? I cannot have anyone read my sloppy first draft. It will be a professional harakiri (for me).

iv) Deadline or family/friends time: Family – Deadline – Friends. Being the mother of two kids does not give me the luxury of giving priority to the deadline. My friends, on the other hand, are my strength. Those who understand my silence – and never complain, how can I not love them?

v) Writing a certain target every day or in floods and droughts: I aim for 200 words every day. I often end up with droughts. But this is something I am working on nowadays. Every electronic device of mine has word installed. So where ever and whenever I am getting the time, I start writing.


Thank you, Rubina. It was fun interviewing you. Honored to be called as your inspiration, but truth be told, you’re an inspiration yourself. Wish you the very best for this book and all the forthcoming ones!

Catch the review and spotlight of Knitted Tales here.

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