Happy New Year 2017

The start of this year or rather the ending of the last was a really busy time for me. I hardly had time to muse about 2016 ending and the new one starting. We had relatives visting and an older person at home needed attention so writing and blogging had to be put on shelf. Now I’m into 2017 and still to wish my blog-reading friends…so here’s a very happy New Year to you all.

The holidays have ended and that puts me back in the routine. My current wip characters are pleased at least because over the holidays my writing word count had dropped to about ten per day :p If you’re back to your workday, you know how one needs acclimatising after being away, so I’m still at odds with the wip and the rest of the writing thing. However, I’m confident the characters will be more amenable to telling me what they think and feel after being put on hold.

Have you found your writing speed better or worse after a break? I usually find it has improved.

Hope you’re getting on well with your wip if you write.

Something exciting to share is that four books of mine are in the top 100 paid in their respective categories at Amazon.

Second Chance At Forever at #72


His Christmas Delight at #76


Against All Rules at #27


The Eligible Princess at #33


Check them out at http://www.amazon.com/Summerita-Rhayne/e/B00MZQ0PUC

So here’s wishing you success and happiness in the shining and glossy new year. Keep reading and writing and do share your thoughts in the comments.

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