Guest post by Michele Smarty – A trip around the world of coffee aromas #coffeelovers

Today I have something different on my blog, a blog post for coffee lovers! Have you wondered about coffee tastes in different countries? Michele Smarty will share how coffee types vary from country to country. Please welcome author and blogger Michele Smarty.

Over to Michele.


Do you want to enjoy a beautiful trip, while sitting on a simple couch?

Through this article, you can enjoy a fantastic trip around the world of coffee aromas while sitting in your room, lounge or anywhere.

Here, I am going to tell you about the best coffee aromas around the world through which you can easily observe the various coffee tastes of different countries and cultures.


In U.S., people are fond of drinking all kinds of caffeinated drinks but most of the people prefers espresso one.  Many mugs are boiled with Arabica coffee beans which contain lesser sugar. According to the studies, it’s been clear that coffee beans are roasted through a brewing process; it increases the level of antioxidant which prevents you from the damage of oxidizing agents.


Mexican coffee is traditionally presented in a clay pot with cookies, which is the natural form of sugarcane. With a total deficit of processed ingredients, Café de Olla is a super fresh coffee option, but bewares of its high sugar count. It may hide the taste of sour beans for non-coffee lovers amongst us, but it shouldn’t replace your daily cup


We don’t have to visit France to enjoy Parisian coffee (which has become a Starbucks standard in the States). Unlike other coffee cups are served here, popular café au lait is served with warm foamed milk which is garnished on the top of a small coffee. Make it decaf and café au lait become a good alternative to a cup of lukewarm milk before bed.


In Turkey, coffee is boiled instead of brewing, as it includes more heart-healthy nutrients like polyphenols, which help to guard arteries. This coffee is popular for its dark and strong taste.


In Morocco coffee is made up of a nutmeg mixture, which includes spice and sesame seeds. This java combines an additional flavorful punch. As a powerful antioxidant that protects us from damaging the oxidizing agents, some studies have discovered that nutmeg also serves as an antidepressant (mitigate the depression).


Coffee lovers should agree on one thing that Italians know their coffee. So we’re prepared to hold a free mind and try to make our espresso like the Roman’s way, which they have been serving it for years: with lemon. Espresso is served with a small slice of lemon; it first spread around the rim of the cup and then allowed to steep. A lemon not only enhances the flavor but it also creeps in a boost of vitamin C.


In cold weather, coffee usage in Denmark has eternally escalated and leading in the world. Coffee is such an important part of the Denmark’s culture that compact the cafes located on approximately every street corner, particularly in cities such as Copenhagen.

About the Author:

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Michele Smarty is a novelist and a fantastic freelance contributor writer at many popular websites e.g. Words I Seek. She loves to provide a useful information, amazing journeys or stories and interesting facts on multifarious vast topics and new trends to her readers.


One thought on “Guest post by Michele Smarty – A trip around the world of coffee aromas #coffeelovers

  1. Now, that’s quite a temptation to have my coffee. I can’t live without Capuccino and love Arabica as well. Just got a new pot of Cafe Noir from London after a year or so.

    A beautiful coffee post to read in the morning.


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