Guest post from Tushar Sen, author of Pandora’s Box


Hi everyone, please welcome Tushar Sen on my blog. Tushar is an author and here to talk about his book, Pandora’s Box.

Over to him.


First of all thank you for inviting me as a guest author to your blog, its always a wonderful experience interacting with book-critics and book-bloggers.

My book Pandora’s Box has 21 stories and most of them are weaved around real life incidents or characters. And these characters are picked from everywhere, including your garden and kitchen and cellar.

I wanted my readers to have a completely different reading experience from what they may have read till date. To be part of a story where you imagine goons chasing a pauper stealing rice, though in the end it turns out that they were actually cats chasing a mouse. Likewise, my other stories too deal with such characters, such events which take place everyday right under our noses and go unnoticed.

Then there are famous characters who find their way into my stories; Saddam Hussein, Indira Gandhi, Amon Goethe and the valiant Viking Moldof. Stories are woven around certain events in their lives, certain aspects no one really is aware of. We’ve heard about them but not many know about the subtler aspects of their lives. Heroism for example is good to hear about, but when you look at it closely you find it involves risking the dearest possession – life, and that isn’t easy. Without disturbing the fabric of their character I just borrowed certain events from their lives to tell a story my readers would probably relate to.

Then there are stories about unbelievable events that actually took place, like frogs falling from the sky, and disappearance of rocks brought from the moon and the terrorist funding in Colombia involving reputed companies. I wasn’t sure about the market for such stories but I experimented and my publisher allowed me to. Turns out that it was really appreciated by the readers.

As a reader I always was thrilled to see a note stating: based on true story. It automatically sets the mood and makes the story more believable and closer to life. I believe readers relate to real life characters a tad more than the archetypal fiction. Those who like to read about different characters who speak to the readers would definitely enjoy reading my book.

Thank you again for inviting me here, and I hope your readers would read Pandora’s Box if they haven’t already.


I hope they will. Thank you, Tushar, for sharing about your book.

You can get in touch with Tushar at the following links. Catch a glimpse of the book blurb below.

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Pandora’s Box is a collection of tales that have woven reality and fiction together to serve to the reader spine chilling narratives and jaw dropping climaxes. Most of the stories are inspired by real life incidents and characters – like Saddam Hussein’s CIA connection, the secret army of the Indian prime minister, Hitler’s biggest mass murderer, strangest rains where frogs fell from the sky, heroism of Moldof, terrorist funding in Columbia, NASA’s controversial moon landings and so on.

Some stories are inspired by characters around you who touch your lives in so many ways yet go unnoticed. Some climaxes will urge you to read the story again with a new perspective.


If imagination is more powerful than knowledge then here is a book that invites you to join the author in the most powerful imaginative endeavors you may have ever undertaken till now . . . in a literary environment of course.

Author Bio: 

Apart from writing I also try and work for a Bank. I have an MBA degree that helped me stay employed. I live in Mumbai.

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