#BookReview: Sands of Time by Neelam Saxena Chandra #TheBookClub

Sands of Time is a collection of short stories by Neelam Saxena Chandra.

The stories are short and readable. The prose is simple and directed to convey the story to the reader. Most of the stories are centered around issues faced by women especially the discrimination faced by women and the derogatory condition of women in the Indian society and sadly, most of them are highly accurate. The author has attempted to highlight the incoming change by giving most of them a happy ending. Though the language is very simple and the editing very lax, the stories do not fail to make their impact. Kudos to the author for bringing those issues to the center stage which often get ignored and therefore have been taking root in the society. It is only by being conscious that people can be active and reactive to the changes that need to be brought about


I am not awarding any rating to the book, but do appreciate the work of the author.

Read it for easy prose and the social message the book conveys.

Know more about the author by reading her guest post on this blog here.

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