Celebrating #InternationalWomensDay with a #giveaway

Let’s celebrate International Women’s Day, by recalling the women who have inspired us.
There are many women who hold my respect, but today I’m thinking especially of my mother and my mother-in-law. My mother had one clear goal in her life which was to get her daughters well settled in life. All her life, she worked tirelessly towards this. My father was often away and she had to see to the household as well as hold down a job. Whatever my sisters and I have achieved, we owe it to her. My mother-in-law is completely devoted to home though she worked as a teacher before her retirement. I’ve seen how she has faced health issues and other things without flinching, and time and again, has got back to her normal life by what often seems sheer will. I think I’m influenced by these two women quite deeply in my life and all my commitment to my family springs from that inspiration.

Which women have figured as inspiring people in your life? Alternatively, what’s your definition of a strong woman? Just answer any of these two simple questions to enter today’s giveaway. You can give examples from real life and/or fiction. One of the commenters will win both the books in the Indian Princesses Saga, featuring the princesses Lakshaya and Rukmani, female heroes who aren’t afraid to go after and stand up for what they want, even in the restricted society of the early medieval period in India.





Looking forward to your responses.

9 thoughts on “Celebrating #InternationalWomensDay with a #giveaway

  1. While I look up to many women, there is one I have drawn constant inspiration from – my mom. She has taught me 2 very important things – the power of human will, and how to love unconditionally. 🙂


  2. My grandparents raised me. My grandmother was mom to me. She always put me first in everything. She never drove so we had to walk a lot. She loved to go visit my aunts. We walked to church. I went 4 years without missing a Sunday. I received a Bible with my name engraved on it. So many precious memories of her!


  3. I would like to talk of my Nani( grandmother from mom’s side). She is no more with us now. It’s been 4 years since we are living without her. But I can recall of those times when she stood like a pillar for every member be it my Nana, be it my mom, be it my father and be it her sons. She was treated badly by her son, but she never hated him, in fact she continued loving him and after her death, what change we saw in him ? He realized on the day of her funeral that how kind, generous and loving a lady she was. She stood unhappy her entire life but always spread support and happiness to others. She taught me to love and respect everyone doesn’t matter if that person hates from the core of his heart. Why? According to her, it doesn’t matters what others do, everything begins to matter only when you start seeing things differently. I never knew she was like a sunshine to everyone around her. I came to know this when we attended her Kiriya( death ceremony). Even the Pandit narrated an amazing story about her. He said once she was going somewhere and she saw a couple fighting with each other. She told to that couple not to fight and said sorry to them. The man asked her,” we are fighting why are you sorry?” She replied,” I can’t see anyone fighting and we women have the habit of saying sorry without any mistake so I said sorry, so that you don’t say bad to your wife.” The man got stunned by her words and instead he said sorry to both of them. So, my nani was a selfless lady who sacrificed her entire life but never stopped to spread love..


  4. Beauty is not defined by how you look, it is alive in your spirits.Every woman is beautiful in their own way..

    She is a full circle as she has the power to create, recreate, nurture and transform. I owe my heart felt salute to the acid attack victim LAKSHMI who is not only a brave heart but also an inspiration to many. She is a girl with mind, woman with attitude and a lady with class..
    In Roosevelt’s words- A woman is like a teabag. You never know, how strong she is untill put into hot water….


  5. My inspiration would be my belated granmother, she always was there for me when I needed her, she was strong and I always looked up to her thinking that when I grow up I want to be just like her.


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