#Review for #AgainstAllRules

Shubhangi Srikanth is a blogger, editor and writer who pens her views and thoughts at The Little Princess with the evocative domain name of ‘titli’ that means ‘butterfly’ in Hindi. She recently reviewed romance Against All Rules. Here’s what she says about the book:

“Summerita Rhyane’s Against All Rules, is one huge ball of passion, coated with a generous dose of erotica and romance! The story set in the backdrop of an office, brings together a PA, Samara, who harbours a secret crush towards her boss, Tahir, who by the way, is in no mood for another relationship, except the one that begins and ends in bed, while she dreams of a life together. Our heroine will accept no less and the hero will give no more. What follows is a virtual tug of war- of raw emotions, unmanifested desires, and the struggle to stay and keep the self and the other in control. How the protagonists manage to come to terms with their inner demons and let love into their lives forms the base of the story.
Every time the couple come together, sparks fly and hearts melt, your own heart beats wildly and as you want the fire in their kiss to lead to something more, but there’s always a conflict that douses the fire and you are left wanting more!”
Read the rest of the review at The Little Princess blog

Check out the book and download a sample at


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