“Romantic to the core” #review #MoreThanJustDesire

Author Ruchi Singh’s review for contemporary romance More Than Just Desire:
“More Than Just Desire does full justice to Summerita Rhayne’s brand of sensuous romance. The author effortlessly pulls you into the glamorous world of Arfaaz and Piya.

Set in the back drop of India’s film industry, Bollywood; MTJD takes us through an emotional journey of Piya. A top actor—a Diva to millions—had abandoned everything to seek peace in life and discover herself. But as they you can never ignore your inner calling; she comes back to Mumbai. Arfaaz, the handsome director, her estranged husband, comes to know about her return and plots to meet her and make her pay for leaving him in a soup. And the drama begins.

The author has painted a sophisticated picture of mechanics of Bollywood and that’s the USP of the book. I loved the setting and the way Arfaaz is portrayed in the story. Summerita narration is smooth and entertaining giving us a peep into Piya’s tumultuous childhood and to why Piya is the way she is.

Highly entertaining, a recommended read for all romance lovers.”
Thanks to Ruchi Singh for her valuable opinion.
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