#TheEligiblePrincess #Amazon #bestseller rank #33

This morning I found that The Eligible Princess is still in top 100 paid bestsellers at Amazon! I’m excited to see that this tale of historical intrigue, with a bit of inventions thrown in, is drawing a great response.
It’s getting 2000+ pages read most days at Kindle Unlimited which is another lovely surprise.

“The writer takes the readers through a magical journey of yesteryears, with the Kings, the Queens, the army, the kingdoms, the palaces, all portrayed so beautifully, in all their grandeur.”
      –  From Amazon review by author Deep Downer.

If you’d like a sample of first two chapters, please leave a message through the contact me page.


Alternatively, you can download a small sample at:


Here’s something about the book:

King Kartikeya wants a bride. If he wants his people to remain loyal to him, he has to present princess from the North to them as his wife. He will do his utmost to keep the public happy and his crown in place.
Princess Lakshaya is tired of being presented to royal suitors again and again and getting rejected. She wants nothing better than to paint or conduct her mathematical experiments. A grand king like Kartikeya would only find faults in her. She is afraid she would fail to impress him and be taunted for it.
But Kartik is not at all what she expected. Attractive and dashing, he sets out to woo her. She’s intrigued and ensnared. He almost wins her heart but then she finds he has secrets and a past which she cannot accept.
Staging her own kidnapping seems the only way she can flee the inescapable trap of marriage sprung on her…

From princess to queen – The Eligible Princess follows the journey of Princess Lakshaya to find her destiny and love.

Also read Hidden Passion, Book 1 in the series.

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