#Review #Cotillion by Georgette Heyer #regency #historicals

Imagine reading a book of one of your favourite authors and absolutely loving it and then somehow losing it and even forgetting what the title is. Then few years later feeling like reading a book from the same author (Georgette Heyer) and just absently ordering That book! I was delightfully surprised at the end of second chapter when I realised this was the book I had often wanted to re-read but not been able to find.
Don’t want to spoil the surprise so I won’t comment on the story. I puzzled over who was the hero for quite some time because Heyer carried it off in her superb style, so if you want to really enjoy, Don’t read the reviews! Just get your nose into the book 🙂 If you love Heyer, you have to read this one!
Without giving away the story, I will share what I loved. All the characters stay true to their nature. That’s a difficult one to pull but I have seen Heyer do it in so many of her books. I especially note the minor characters in her stories and marvel that she pays such minute attention to even those! You don’t get a chance of an eye roll moment because the motivations are rooted firmly in the character portrayed.
I can’t help dissecting the book from an author’s point of view. From the reader’s, you might find yourself a bit lost in the first chapter but soon the characters shape up and you’re right in the story. No need to expound on the details of her research because if you have read one of her books, it is a matter of fact.
Have you rediscovered an old favourite book by chance? Share your experience. Have you read Cotillion? What was your impression? Please label spoilers if you put them in.

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