Guest post at Coffee Time Romance – My addiction – Writing by Summerita Rhayne

Here’s an excerpt from my guest post at Coffee Time Romance blog.

Hi folks! It’s lovely to be here at coffee time romance blog. There are two things I love in that name. Coffee and romance! It evokes the image of my most favourite pastime, a cup of hot, fragrant coffee by my side and a romance book in my hand – or e-reader, for that matter – what could be better? Maybe a slice of chocolate cake?  I’m a romance writer and mostly write in contemporary and historical genres, though I’m tempted to try and write in more of the subgenres of romance. I pen sensual romances under Summerita Rhayne and love to delve into emotional conflicts that keep the hero and the heroine apart. Today I’d like to share something of my writing journey with you, how writing is almost an addiction for me and how I learnt to deal with rejections. I am a Writer. Even if I wasn’t an author, even if I wasn’t published, I would still be writing. I have been penning words since that time when getting published was not the thought in my mind. I used to write occasionally to get the ideas out of my head, at other times to make sense of life as such but the habit, consciously or unconsciously, has been there, I think, since childhood. When I’m at home, I write at my desk, on my laptop. Nowadays, I mostly do my editing this way. When I first started writing fiction, I used to scribble in a notebook when I was commuting to and from work on a bus. I can tell you it drew a lot of attention. It was funny the way people would crane their necks and try to make out my scribbles – some of which even I found frustratingly incomprehensible later! Once a man sitting next to me, said, “Mam, I’ve seen people reading on their journeys, but you’re the only person I’ve seen writing during one!” That really split my sides and made me shake my head inwardly at myself. But I was totally addicted to writing and at that time in my life, how else would I have found the time? Having a job and taking care of a family rather narrows the leisure a bit. Then hubby got me a Blackberry, I gave up on scribbling and would jab down on the qwerty keypad short-hand to keep up with the flow of thoughts. I still do that sometimes. It’s amazingly easy to write on phone, especially when you are onto a new story idea. Since then changes have occurred in my writing. Kids have grown up, I have more time to myself and now writing has become such a part of our life that we are all making space for it. I write in multiple genres of romance. My first love is, or maybe was, Contemporary romance, hugely inspired by the Harlequins I used to read. I’m not sure now because I discovered a penchant for historical romances and out of the blue, found myself writing a series about sisters who are princesses. Now I have historical fic ideas juggling for supremacy in my mind. I have tried my hand on sci-fi romance in the short story form, and have also dipped a hand into paranormal. Hopefully I’ll finish it. You cannot be an author if you haven’t experienced that black wall called as Rejection. Rejections are a part of being an author. Rejection is nothing to be ashamed of. It means you have tried. During the course of roughly five years since I have been writing seriously – that is, with the aim of getting published, I have encountered innumerable rejections from various publishing houses, big or small, national and international. It has only added to my experience and given me an idea of the direction in which I want to take my writing. My take is this, if you are getting standard rejects, keep working on your writing craft. If you begin to get feedback, then you can decide if you want to trad publish or self publish. If you can get published traditionally, go for it at least once. It helps to make you a better writer. My first best rejection was for a medical romance first chapter submission call from Hqn. They called my writing ‘intense and compelling.’ I was really encouraged by that. I’d say, do wait for that kind of feedback from the traditional publishers. Their rejects will help you to hone your work.

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2 thoughts on “Guest post at Coffee Time Romance – My addiction – Writing by Summerita Rhayne

  1. Thanks for sharing with us, Summerita. I think scribbling during journeys help and I normally do that on the Ipad so that it remains. Writing is an addiction and heals the soul, I feel. When I don’t write, I feel myself uneasy. Reminds me that I need to be more disciplined while working on my novel.


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