Preorder announcement #historical #romance #TheEligiblePrincess

I came here all super excited to share the news of the new book but…koff…koff…I see that this place needs to be cleaned up a bit. Haven’t visited here for a while… *goes red about the ears* oh I’m going to set that right in a minute.

Two hours later.
Well now it’s about right…oh don’t regard that patch…oh ok! *sighs* I’ll tackle it… What? I’m supposed to vacuum too? Oh no. Think of my back… my sapping energy…my book!
No mercy? I’ll get to it then.
Please keep the coffee ready!

Two more hours later…

Well, it’s not going to get better unless I go for redecoration – what? You want a new look? Hey no, I like it here…it’s homely and…and comfortable. Oh the carpet is… oh, I’ll get the cleaners to tackle that stain. Really, I would! No, it won’t take a year to get to it. See, I’m finished with the WIP and having a book out so I’ve got…you know…time!
What’s that you say? Time flies? New ideas take hold? True, but I promise…no,  this time I will keep my word. Anyway, now I have the place looking spotless and bright… *stands on the carpet stain* See? This looks like a new place!

Ah, here’s the news 🙂 🙂

The Eligible Princess is up for pre order at Amazon. It is the second book in the Kamboj Princesses Saga. The first book Hidden Passion followed the story of Rukmani and this is about her sister Lakshaya.
Set in the early middle ages in India, it follows Princess Lakshaya’s journey to find passion of her heart and her mind.

Stay tuned for blurb and cover reveal in a few days.
Meanwhile follow #TheEligiblePrincess on Facebook to read snippets from the book.

You can kook up the details and pre order #TheEligiblePrincess at:
(Psst do go have a look!)

Good news! It’s available at a discount for pre order.
Actual price: $3.99
Preorder price: $1.99

Visit again…I’m going to keep this tidy and ordered.
I promise! 😉 Anyway, while talking about books and writing, who’s going to mind a few dust bunnies? 😉

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