#Bookreview #Harlequin #historical Wicked Rake Defiant Mistress

Wicked Rake Defiant Mistress is a Harlequin historical romance by Ann Lethbridge.

The beginning was really grab -your-throat type intriguing. It wasn’t very clear why the heroine had to take the very desperate steps and lie all the time but still the author generated enough interest to hook the reader. As I read on, I realised that every time the story settled, a fresh, quite unforeseen twist was added. This worked to quite an extent but also took the story far away from its original fresh idea. Sometimes one did feel like shaking some sense into the characters but on the whole I liked the wrap up. I had the feeling the author intended this story to be something else but then the latter part was added to mold the characters to the expected form in the genre. The character of the hero also changed quite a lot and the change was so sudden, almost like an afterthought. It looked like he was moulded to fit the title and the genre expectations.

For the writing and the original idea, I rate this book four stars.

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