#WriterstipWednesday : Authors share their #writingtips

Hi folks! Today is the first instalment of the writing advice jewels that authors are going to pour out of their experience bags onto this blog.

Devika Fernando, author of contemporary and paranormal romance novels gives this valuable tip:
“Make the 1st sentence of each chapter special. it has to make the reader want to rush ahead to know what will happen in the chapter, just like a book’s very first sentences should always be attention-grabbers.”

A voracious reader and a passionate writer, Ruchi Singh aims to create an entertaining, interesting experience for the reader through her stories. She says, “Master the grammer/ punctuation rules and use them right from the first draft, it will save time in the end, with less errors while proof-reading.”

Writing tip #3 is from Maya Tyler who has recently published her debut paranormal romance novella Dream Hunter. “Just like in singing, make a joyful noise! Drafts don’t have to be perfect – just written!”

Sheritha Singh, South African writer who lives on the Kwa-Zulu Natal North Coast, shares, “Write in a voice you’re comfortable with. If you’re having trouble writing a scene then write that particular scene in first POV. It helps layer the scene with emotion and see it through the character’s eyes. I’ve done that many times. Although most of my published work is written in first POV, I’ve had work published in third POV as well. Writing in first POV helps get inside the character’s head as well.”

Last but not least, here’s my writing tip:
“Don’t hold back on dialogue. Conversations are the best way to get into your character’s head. What they say, whether it is in concordance with what they think or how they act, will lead us directly into their conflict and thus make us turn the page.”

Did you find these suggestions useful? Do you have something to contribute? Looking forward to hearing from you.

Want to feature your writing tip on #writerstipwednesday? Send me your one line bio, link and your suggestion through the Contact me page of this site.

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