#Snippet from #AgainstAllRules #contemporary #workplace #romance

Hi folks! Today I’m sharing a snippet from office romance Against All Rules.
Hope you like it.
…… …… ……

The words shimmered over her senses. For a moment she could only look unspeaking into his eyes, dark liquid caramel, the sweetest expression she had ever seen pooling there. Surely it wasn’t possible.

‘I didn’t know it but it was there all along. You’ll have to forgive me for that, Samara. Sometimes when you don’t know what a thing looks like, you have trouble recognizing it. Especially in the dark. Because I was caught in the darkness which I couldn’t fight. Couldn’t see…’

‘See what?’ She whispered.

‘See what love is. That love is the faith that that one person will stand by you, through your mistakes, through your rotten behaviour, through it all, even if no one else does. That one person can make your world. But without that one person, the whole world falls to pieces.’

‘And without that person you can’t eat, dream or sleep…even when you’re doing things, you’re just going through the motions.’ She drew a sobbing breath because that was what life had become these last few days.
…… …… …….
Against All Rules is available now in print as well as as ebook.
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