Guest post – why a military hero – Shilpa Suraj

Today I have on my blog Harlequin author Shilpa Suraj talking about her army officer hero in the new book Rescued by Love. Please welcome her.

Take it away Shilpa

Why a military hero?

Growing up, every girl spends hours dreaming of her Prince Charming. As the years go by, her list of his character traits and attributes grows and grows. Honor, integrity, chivalry, valour, charm, courtesy, passion, intensity, dedication…the list is now endless. If there are ever men who can tick off almost every requirement on that list, it’s military men. They are the embodiment of every romantic fantasy a girl has nurtured growing up.

Arjun, the hero of Rescued by Love, was a dream to write. Quite literally. A reader wrote to me soon after the book released asking if he was inspired by someone in real life and if yes, then could she meet him? Honestly, if Arjun was real, I’d keep him for myself.  Hide him away from the world so no one, not even Naina, the heroine, could steal him from me. He checks every box on the fantasy wish list with enviable ease. He lives by a personal code that most of us would tremble to attempt and treats all the relationships in his life with care, dignity and respect. He’ll do the right thing no matter what the personal cost to him and will take a bullet for another human being for no other reason than the fact that he is sworn to protect. He adores his family and values their happiness even at the expense of his own. He loves with a depth of passion and a core of integrity that seems almost impossible.

All wrapped up in six pack abs and a mouth-wateringly smart uniform. What’s not to love?

This post is a part of the book tour hosted by The Book Club.

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