#Bookreview: The Cure Was Love by Reet Singh

The Cure Was Love is the second romance by Reet Singh.

The Cure was Love 1


For three months, Simi Gill gets to do what she loves – train to be a doctor and learn more about medicine. As a bonus, she gets to forget about the shallow boyfriend who dumped her, and worse, who hurt her. Living it up in New York, far from her home in India, she is saved by the delicious Rudy Bhatnagar, not once, but two times in one night!

 A talented surgeon with a heart of gold, Rudy can’t stop himself from thinking about Simi Gill. He tries very hard – for having had his heart broken before, he’s not sure he can risk it again. But fate has other plans. Thrown together by bizarre circumstances, they survive booze and babysitting with aplomb. Will they realize they’re perfect for each other or will they let precious love slip through their fingers? 

The story revolves around medical student Simi and her constant run-ins with dishy surgeon Rudy. Though the characters are in the medical profession, this is not a medical romance.
Reet Singh has depended rather heavily on the factor of coincidence in setting up the story. But Simi and Rudy are such engaging characters that you don’t mind that at all! In fact the sheer factor of enjoyable interaction between them – and yes, also his family – carried me through this book. While the knowledge of writing craft was nudging at me that the scenes lacked tension or the story didn’t have a definite trope, the reader in me was off whizzing through the pages and rooting for these lovable characters.

Having finished swotting over editing a manuscript, I was just in the mood to wind down and this fit the bill perfectly.

I give it five stars. Pick this up if you want a light, fun read to relax with.


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