Update on #giveaway for #AAR

The giveaway for Against All Rules is still going on at the B00k r3vi3ws blog. You can still enter by leaving just leaving a comment on the post!

Please leave a comment on the post which opens when you click here

Giveaway is open till 15th of this month so if you haven’t had a chance, go for it now!

Here’s the link again to enter your comment.
You might win a copy of the ebook. To whet your appetite for the story, here’s a spicy snippet.

Enjoy! 😉
“So you favour the view that sex and commitment don’t go hand in hand.”

“What?” The paper weight slipped from her grip and she stepped back to avoid the hit. Before she could bend to pick it up, Tahir had it, moving with his characteristic speed. Her hand curled back, desisting from accidental touch as he placed it on her desk. He was too close. His scent, an indefinable mix of him and faint trace of his musky cologne wafted to her. Trapped against her desk there was nowhere to escape. Already prickly nerves tightened in awareness. Where was he heading with this conversation?

If only she could get him to leave, without giving herself away. She said with forced lightness, “Er…I think I should start the day now, don’t you? Reports can take so long to prepare and then once one gets busy there’s no time. All you can concentrate on is the matter at hand and everything else is shelved. Even important things can get sidelined…”

“Like the fact that we need to repeat that kiss we shared six months ago?”

Struck dumb, she could only stare at him, her body doing the impossible and experiencing two extremes of temperature at the same time.

 “It wasn’t something one could easily forget, was it?” His voice dropped, suddenly about as abrasive as silk and Samara realised how he must have earned the reputation of a playboy he had had before his marriage, as it sent fingers of thrill down her spine. Women must have fallen like ninepins for him. She knew they’d hounded him even when he’d been married. She had received just the occasional appreciative smile and it caused a major meltdown. How could she resist responding to that velvety voice? More importantly how could she resist showing it?


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