#BookReview: Against All Rules #kindle edition

Priyanka Batra Harjai reviews my book Against All Rules.
Here’s an excerpt…

Against All Odds by Summerita Rhayne is a passionate story of love and desire. A constant tug of war prevails between the two love birds nesting in a corporate arena. Will they be able to identify their love and conquer their desires – the book beckons.

Samara is P.A. to Tahir. They both are strong, independent and responsible enough but have loads of challenges in their lives that need to be dealt with. Within this mesh work, a flower called ‘Desire’ starts to blossom. Yes, grief stricken by their destiny they get attracted towards each other. Tahir is fighting against himself after getting divorced whereas Samara is fighting with herself as she is finding it hard to accept her feelings for her ‘desirous’ boss! The story develops as they both proceed with their lives, against all rules.

Desire and Love rest on a common borderline. The author completely understands the rules of both the sides and thus, drifts apart from one emotion to other, respectfully. As far as ‘desire’ aspect is concerned, she has very neatly expressed the emotions and bodily changes in her characters. The descriptions are loaded with vivid scenes that leave you desiring for more… to get satisfied. The ‘love’ part is equally effective and brings forth the vulnerability of the characters. The softness and the tenderness of both the characters is so very much infectious that it will leave you with no choice but to fall in love.

This story is about transition from the phase of desire to making love by breaking off the customary rules. The characters bloom and grow mature with the story as they find answers to their questions about themselves and their lives.

Readers will enjoy the irresistible tug of war between the two that is steamy hot! At the same time they will be introduced to new equations of a love relationship:

Is Desire + Lust = love?

Is Desire – Love = Lust?

Is Love + Lust = Desire?

Read the rest here http://booksnewsindia.wordpress.com/2014/10/01/book-review-against-all-rules-author-summerita-rhayne-publisher-kindle-kdp/

Buy the book at Amazon http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00MY2QVRS

Do leave a review if you have read or read it. Warm wishes 🙂

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