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Debdutta is interviewing me about the book and how it came about. An excerpt:

When did you first realize that you wanted to be a writer/ a storyteller?
I just loved to write when I was in school. I used to write poems and articles. And because I was a voracious reader, stories began to spin out in my brain before I knew it. The next step of penning them down was inspired by the wish to emulate the many authors I admired.

What inspires you to write?
The wish to see my name emblazoned up there with the globally established authors! But more realistically anything odd or out of way I see in daily liife flips a switch that sends imagination rolling 🙂

How did you come up with the idea for your current story?
The idea was with me for quite a while. When I began to write after finally deciding to work seriously on a book, all the story ideas I came up with were too grand. I didn’t have the nous to write them. So I was looking for more relatable characters and got back to this story’s premise. It was pretty mundane – a spin on the idea of a PA being in love with her boss. However Tahir, the boss, had a bad marriage behind him and exploring that – why it occurred – led me to two very well defined and grounded characters who hooked me to writing this story. So much that the story which was initially 50k words in length, went on to 70k+

Are there some stories tucked away in some drawer that was written before and never saw the light of the day? 
Well, many of them. I have about 9 manuscripts I need to rework and revise before they can reach publishng level. I’m working on one of them now.

Tell us about your writing process.
I usually start with an idea. But I have found that it soon peters out if it’s not backed by solid characters. Tthe knowledge of writing craft tells me that iI should know my characters fully before I start writing. This can sometimes delay the start of an otherwise awesome premse. So sometimes I just start writing and that makes the characters develop and evolve slowly in the mind. Then research helps in adding more twists in the story. Once I’m into the story I can write quite quickly unless interrupted by ‘life’ happening.

What is your favorite scene in the book? Why? 
There are many but I like this beginning scene when the awareness between them is just starting to bother them. Here’s a snippet to give you some idea:

‘That wasn’t meant as a suggestion.’

But it might have been… 

Why was he looking at her with that speculative light in his eyes? 

‘Do you think I took it as one?’ she demanded. Brave words. 

‘Then we are good.’ His gaze fell on her…he was looking at her. Checking her out? She wasn’t sure because Tahir didn’t do it. He was so strictly professional that she usually had trouble keeping up. She’d felt guilty often when her attention changed from a PA to that of a woman. Which was why she had gone the other extreme…tried to conceal every wish to look more feminine…more enticing to him. Pride had made her wrap those wishes, the feminine wiles and impulses and put them away. She had tried to be every bit computer efficient to his work driven attitude. 

Now his gaze ran down her legs and dropped to her feet, stretched out in front of her. She resisted the urge to curl her toes. Could feet blush? Hers would in a second!

You have very trim ankles,’ he said. Enclosed in black straps circling them, they lay crossed and now tense and vulnerably exposed to his lingering gaze. ‘So slender and delicate.’ He added.

Was he finding her ankles sexy? After hoping for his attention – starving for it – she didn’t know if she should be pleased or annoyed that he was fixating on her ankles!


Hope you enjoyed the snippet. Read the rest here. http://www.b00kr3vi3ws.in/2014/09/AgainstAllRules.html

And don’t forget! You can comment on the post to win a copy of the ebook! 🙂

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