Spotlight on The Siege – A Short Story Collection by Esther Newton




Let me introduce you to The Siege, a collection of short stories from author Esther Newton.

My Book Cover

Esther Newton: The Siege and Other Award Winning Stories: Blurb



Freelance writer and The Writers Bureau tutor, Esther Newton brings twelve of her award winning short stories together in a collection for the first time. Prepare to be on the edge of your seat one moment as a woman is held hostage at gunpoint, smiling the next at a tale of a Fairy Godmother with a difference, before rooting for a young girl who’s cornered by a school bully and then reaching for the tissues, along with a mother whose daughter has been missing for days.

‘The Siege and Other Award Winning Stories’ whisks you away on an exciting expedition of ups and downs. There’s drama, action, humour, intrigue and plenty of emotion to take you from one story straight into the next.


The collection includes prize winning short stories from Writing Magazine, Writers’ News, The Global Short Story and Ouze Valley Writers competitions, amongst others.

Author Profile: Esther Newton




My love affair with writing came about as a result of an accident, where I could no longer carry out my job working in a bank. That accident was the best thing that’s happened to me!


I’ve now been working as a freelance writer for fifteen years, regularly writing articles and short stories for magazines and newspapers such as Freelance Market News, Writers’ Forum, The New Writer, The Guardian, Best of British,  The Cat, Woman’s Weekly,  The People’s Friend and My Weekly to name a few.

 Winner of Writing Magazine, Writers’ News and several other prestigious writing competitions and awards, I have also had the privilege of judging writing competitions.


I have just finished a series of children’s books, which I’m now in the process of editing.


As well as working as a freelance writer, I have branched out into the exciting world of copywriting, providing copy for sales letters, brochures, leaflets, slogans and e-mails.


I love writing but equally, I enjoy helping others, which I achieve in my role as tutor for The Writers Bureau. I have also recently started a blog, designed to provide writers with support, market information and advice:

Here’s an extract from The Siege to tantalize you

The Siege

I didn’t think sieges happened in libraries. Banks and building societies – yes. I could understand a jeweller’s, too. But not a library. And it’s all my fault.

We’ve been in this little room for ages now – him and me. The phone has rung twice, but he won’t let me answer it. He just shakes his head and waves his gun around. I feel I should say something, but I don’t know what to say.

I look at him – at his eyes flitting from side to side and lips, white where he keeps chomping on them. His brows dance up and down, seemingly unsure whether to rise into the shock of a surprise or to furrow into a frown. He sniffs, sucking in his nostrils and then they flare out like a dragon about to unleash a flurry of flames.

I swallow. This is the first time I’ve been afraid of him.

Here’s where you can buy the book


Amazon US:


Amazon UK:


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