#Snippet from Tahir and Samara’s story

Posting another snippet from my work in progress. I have done a lot of writing and rewriting of this story and the fun thing is that the characters continue to surprise me and reveal new facets of their story. So although editing is a pain, the thought that it’s making my ms better, keeps me going 🙂

So here’s a small excerpt. Let me know how you like it…it would be nice to have some feedback.

It’s when their interaction leads to things heating up.

She held his gaze. Direct. Steady. And things changed between them as he’d meant them to, the temperature rising. Only he was caught as well. How could this unlikely girl arouse such a potent awareness in him so that he found himself locked in the hazel pools of her eyes, pulled in till he had no volition and was only aware when he found he was cupping her jaw, bending almost near enough to kiss her and then it didn’t matter because a bare couple of inches didn’t take much to cover. Not when he was being sucked in by a force larger than his resistance. Not when the prize was the contact of her soft lips. And he needed to touch those, have them under his, taste the ripe flavor of her heat , soft and sweet and infinitely giving. Then he was tasting it all.  Arousing. Passionately generous…

So this is it for now. Forgot to sign up today. So no more snippets today…just this small offering 🙂

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