#Sexysnippet from #TahirandSamara’s story

Here’s another offering for the #sexysnippet initiative of the Nuthouse Scribblers. This one is from Samara’s pov as she gets too hot under the collar in the elevator with Tahir.


Read on…


“Chin up and bear it, Samara. And for God sake don’t let him see it.

Which was about as easy as the research for potential sites for factories she’d finished compiling for him this morning. The very thought of that gaze today made her go hot and cold. She couldn’t be in the elevator with him without getting all jumpy inside. A five-minute break in her workday had her imagining herself in a leather mini and six inch stilettos, swaggering over to tip a glazed eyed Tahir back in his chair and trap him.


She found herself suddenly pinned by a coffee dark glance. ‘What were you thinking of back there anyway?’

Something in the question made her cheeks heat up. ‘Chocolate.’ She blurted.

‘On whom?’

On whom? What the – The rough demand made her collar tie feel tight and her hand immediately went to it as though to loosen it. She had an image of him – shirtless – as the Samara in mini and stilettos dipped a brush in brown liquid and smoothed sweetness over his golden skin.

Chocolate and him! Swoon. A lethal combination.

She so needed to get a hold on this crush of hers. Heat rose around her collar. The elevator doors swished open and she forgot propriety enough to rush out in front of him”


So did you like it? For more snippets, check out the http://www.thenuthousescriblers.blogspot.co.uk

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