Random attempt at #poetry

I don’t write poetry. But off and on something takes shape. I used to write poems during school time and got them in the school magazine at least 🙂 I love the cadence of words and I think good poetry should have a rhythm even it doesn’t rhyme. Do you agree?

Here’s something I wrote a while back. Let me know what you think of it. It’s not much but it would be great if you could take time to read it. If you write poetry, do share it with me. I’d like to read it.


Tell me how can I unlearn having to face those lonely times.

When I’ve learnt to live with them the hard way.

Cold stark emptiness in my breaths

Making me get up and wander in the hollow corridors.

Searching for some touch of familiar warmth.

Finding you

calm and blissful.

I wondered why it didn’t bite you the way the empty haven bit me.

Now it’s become a solace and companion

To my loneliness.

I no longer resent it. I seek it. Hold hands with it. I fill it

With different hued dreams.

I am calm.

So why do you now come back and try to evoke that need.

It’s gone. Let it be.

I want to be strong. Let me forget.

Let me not unlearn the peace.

I can’t face it now

The times can’t go back. Let’s just know that. And exist with the fact.

If we can. 

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