A #sexysnippet for Sunday: from Tahir and Samara’s story

Happy Easter, everyone! Here’s a #sexysnippet from Tahir and Samara’s story to amp up your Sunday 😉


“Some more niceness?” he queried with velvet softness. Deliberately he let his hands slid down and cup her butt, pulling her in till she felt the nudge of his groin, the intimate feel making her gasp as she stiffened in alarm at the same moment her body went limp with desire, molding against his with an instinctive sensuality that stunned her. The darkened night club offered a subterfuge he was taking full advantage of. She was hanging onto him, wound against him till mere contact seemed insufficient to assuage the burning pit of hunger he’d lit at her core.

Unable to credit her own supplication, she sought his gaze, the hooded glitter of it telling her it wasn’t one sided at all. No longer a game. That fierce hungry gaze raked embers of want into searing heat, a moan locking in her throat.”


Hope you enjoyed reading it.

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Have a cool weekend! 🙂

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